Comments from the other side - Warriors 2/14

This was a great game to watch, especially since the Celtics pulled it out.  Warriors fans seem like a decent bunch for the most part.  No stabbing or wheelchair comments.  A few "old" comments.  Pietrus came in for some comments because he used to play there and because he was torching them.  This was the Warriors' second game since trading Monta and their fans were very encouraged by what they saw from their team. I think my favorite was the guy who said he doesn't notice KG any more.  I think he noticed him on that last shot :)

This is actually not that bad of a matchup for us. As long as we don't turn the ball over we can win.... But do we really want to win?

Operation tank... Please?

Please tank. These next two dozen games will be very sad if we don't end up with that pick...

I cant root for the Dubs to lose as much as I want that top 7 pick. I'm stilll hoping for playoffs and if we come up short pray the lottery balls fall in our favor. I think its our year to get lucky

I think we win a close game. I really see everyone stepping up, the trades are waking everyone up.

We might have a chance, at home, especially if we continue the aggressiveness from the game against the Kings.

We better tank the season Otherwise we are worse off in the trade

On a bittersweet note, before we get blown away by Boston, I wonder how long it will be before a Warrior is named Player of the Week again

Boston doesn't have legs on the road, and they're playing way out of their time zone. They’ve lost to a decent amount of pretty bad teams. Remember as dangerous as they are, they’re still just a couple games over .500

Yep, but they have been playing great ball the last 10 games, their vets are all in rhythm. And, without Ellis doing his 27 per against them, Rondo and co, will probably kick our butts!

Biedrins goes for 20/20 tonight

I know it's only going to hurt is in the long hall but I don't give a ****!!!! We have to beat these guys especially after Jesus Shuttlesworth said we didn't belong on the same court as them.

Klay doing his best job at dunking these guys to their retirement home

KG dirtiest player ever

Boston home game??

I hate those Celtic fan posers get outta here

Celtics look old and sloppy

They might turn it on later in the game In fact they probably will. But for right now, they look lethargic.

Everyone is moving... This team looks way different now.

We should trade monta more often

Wow Rondo is a magician

Uh oh, we actually look like a basketball team. What happened to the tank?

That white guy on Celtics playing dirty.

The Celtics are all whiners

If this team can hold their own until steph is completely healthy We might be able to make a run and get bogut back in time for the playoffs

Haha wouldn't that be something? Curry and Bogut playing against OKC??? I can see us winning a game

Boston looking lazy I expect their D to tighten up in the 2nd half.

I take it Boston assumed GSW would lay flat now that Monta gone

That's the We Believe Pietrus, corner 3

This is where our Non-Monta team gets put to the test. Down against a decent team and no Monta to carry the load

In other words, Who do we go to when we NEED a bucket?


Might actually see offensive sets instead of Monta Hero Ball

F*** off Pietrus I just knew both his 3’s were going in…

Air France at his finest

He'll step out of bounds soon

Celtics are so dirty

Pietrus looks like a gorilla

Rondo great defense on Nate

Nate Robinson sucks Its that simple

Pietrus is on fire from 3

I hate pietrus.

Hate you pietrash

Man KG is sooo dirty He gets away with everything tho

“I don’t even notice KG anymore”

Is it me, or does Pietrus face look justa bit chubbier?

he's on performance enhancing drugs... They aren’t working

Celtics are getting away with shoves and holds

Steven Jackson needs to stay as far away from this team as possible...

Let's stash him in the D League

This game looks like a case of the Celtics playing horrible Usually they are good defensively, but not this game.

They are old and pace is high

Run these old men out of the gym!!!

Rondo is quick

Celtic fans at oracle are annoying

I didn't realize there were so many of them in SF

Celtic fans At oracle are annoying

Refs want the Celtics to win

Hey then they would help us tank I see no problem

Lol rondo tried to give the ball to his new teammate, the ref

Lol pietrus tripped himself and hes tryin to explain it to the refs

I see Pietrus has improved on his stepping out of bounds for the three. Instead of it being slight he just goes all out to make it look like an accident.

Ughhhhh just go away Pietrus. No one likes u dude. Air mail back to France

I used to like pietrus Always sat in the “pietrus’ pals” section at oracle haha

Ironic... Pietrus falls out of bounds instead of standing lol

Lol thinking the same thing. I miss Air France

Can someone punch Pietrus

Lee not QUITE hard enough foul on KG

I hate KG

Yeah celebrate KG, you're just now beating a team of scrubs

Refs suddenly loving us

Everyone is saying Celtic's D hasn't been effective tonight. Reason: they don't know who to guard.

Trade curry too !! Start nate lol...jk

Nate taking Monta's job of missing shots

Lol he has filled in nicely, hats off to Nate for stepping up

How did Rondo make that pass

Nate Rob using his tinyness for good! Yay for short people!

Woah I just noticed Lee’s got a huge bandage over his eye. Did he get busted open earlier?

6 stitches in his brow He got elbowed by some D-leaguer

Sweet. Battle scars going up against leprechauns

I hate that bass

Wow Garnett was a monster tonight

Still that would only be a shell of his Minnesota days Sigh so many wasted years he endured

Paul Pierce is lying right now, don't see no clutchness

Ray Allen has been slipping a lot

He wears the jordans nobody wears

OMG! Where is the defense Boston?

Why they keep letting nate go to the rim?!

Gotta pee gotta pee gotta pee!!!!!!!!!!!


WOW KG clutch

He has perfected that shot now

And my hate for KG just grew even more.

KG is a good player It’s not a bad thing to get beat by KG

And people say KG is washed up…

AHHHHHHH I have so many mixed emotions right now... Make them stop

We need Stack Jack on that situation

Haha he would chuck up a brick Then turn to the refs and complain

The bench lost by 2. Curry and bogut on the floor and we blow them out.

I could live with the shot KG made to win it for em... Our defense wasn't bad... He made it from about 17 feet out. With that said, that's what veteran teams do... Kept the game close long enough to pull it out in the end with their experience. Nonetheless, still a good game by the Dubz

If you look at the boxscore, Boston's bench beat us, there starters +- were all -

Doc is talking to Steph

“Hey wanna play for the Celtics when your contract ends? We got nightclubs here in Boston!”