Comments from the other side - Rockets 3/6

Houston fans are a fun group to spy on.   After the Knicks forums, it's refreshing to read a board and not have every other post blame the refs.  There are some funny comments.  I like the exchange about McHale resembling Frankenstein in a worse suit.  I also like that they continually refer to the geriatric Celtics who outlasted them in OT.  And the last comment is hilarious.   Also refreshing that there weren't any wheelchair or stabbing references.  I hope you enjoy today's comments. 

I fought some kid who's a Celtics fan last week. You best believe we're battling for bragging rights with this one.

Just rememberd the hilarious celics announcer. If I get their feed, he better be calling the game, and Kevin martin better bounce back and get 10fts. That guys anger is hilarious

Hopefully they decide to tell Paul Peirce to pack heavy, cause he'll be staying around for the rest of the year...

That would be nice, but I really can't see Pierce wearing anything other than a Celtics jersey.

I would love to have Pierce, I think that he still has it in him to have those big 30+ point games. We need someone who can carry us offensively and not only that he's pretty good on the defensive side too. I'd like to have him but I don't realistically see him leaving Boston. It would be disrespectful to not let him finish his career there

Td garden, helping the Rockets get back on track since 2009

Is there ANYTHING more annoying in this WHOLE world than a New England accent?

All parsons needs to do is kick the cane out from under Paul pierce.

Celtics are hella clutch...blow em out and keep the lead in double digits.

I hope Dalembert / Smith will start something with KG, we need some fighting spirit!

I'm feeling a lose ugly loss without the motion offense that the dinosaurs couldn't defend during the Adelman stint.

Garnett scores 15+ and rondo gets a double double(maybe triple)

A double triple would be pretty impressive

That Celtic bench is awful who’s coming in next, Cuttino Mobley?

Wilcox and Steisma have potential Beyond that though they have nothing.


Bass getting his ankle re-taped. THey're playing Greg Stiemsma. Shows you how much they think of Houston's frontline

Lowry outplaying rondo

Not surprising. Rondo has much better players in his starting lineup, hence huge triple doubles. Lowry is the better individual player.

In what world? I love Lowry as much as the next guy, but Rondo already has 9 points and 3 steals. His mid-range game is on-point tonight.

So zero points, three assists, 1 rebound and 1 turnover is better than nine points, three rebounds, two assists and three steals? I love this board.

Scola is playing well , let's trade him before the second quarter starts !

Lol, let's sell the Celtics on him as a huge scoring and rebounding boost to their aging frontcourt.

Courtney Lee is a bonehead...

What used to be the 3rd quarter meltdown is now the 2nd quarter meltdown? Are we really this bad? How the hell did we win 21 games, divine intervention? ...probably

Celtics announcers arent as bad as some were making them out to be

Kevin Martin needs to stop shooting the ball until after he is traded. Before I drive down to Houston and take the ball away from him.

Rockets are trying to see who can take the worse shots

Bad news we suck good news only 9 more days til trade deadline

Dalembert is pathetic

How many times KG is gonna curse after the Rockets score?

How many times KG is gonna curse after everything ever?
Fixed. And answer: as many as he can squeeze in before death.

Right now the Celtics are moving the basketball around the court better than any team I have seen the whole season. Flat out sensational ball movement. Love it.

This is painful, I'm just depressed now. I need to go over to the streams thread and find a Rockets one, I'm not going to last much longer with Smug Tommy (was sticking with this one in hopes of getting Angry Tommy).

it's an entertaining game so far. After the last two games the quicker pace and refs are a nice change.

Rondo isn't even that great of a passer... He just has the personnel around him to make tough contested shots off simple passes

Please man, Rondo has Nash-esque passing abilities and court vision. Undermining him in that area is ridiculous. "off easy passes", how many Rondo games have you watched in your life?

You put him on this Rockets team and he has less assists than Lowry. I guarantee it

Without players like Pierce, Allen, and Garnett who are really tough to guard teams can pack the paint and neutralize Rondo easily. Rondo is good because of the opportunities opened up by the players around him. Boston will be sorely disappointed in his play when they break up the big three.

You really dismiss that Rondo is the best passer in the NBA along with Nash? Dude has incredible IQ and vision, always sees the open guy and dishes it in the toughest situations, makes it look easy.

Steve Nash turns solid players into superstars. Rondo gets free assists from the stars who were already in place around him when he came into the league.

Scola is terrible.

KG keeps yelling ***** everytime the Rockets score on him and the mic has yet to fail picking it up. Funny

Next All-Star Weekend they should make a Free Throw competition with Parsons, Diop, Magloire and Biedrins. First to make four in a row or not airball one outta ten gets one million bucks.

Lowry needs to shut the **** up and play basketball. Stop flopping and bitching to the refs.

That's all Lowry does is bitch and cry and whine I been saying dat

Send lowrys a** 2 LA already I think he heard his name mentioned going 2 LA now he wants 2 go send him already

We should trade for Pierce. I read somewhere they were thinking of dealing him.

The Rockets can't get a call. Rondo with the huge moving screen

Anyone still questioning Ray Allen's shooting is better than Martin's

Rockets were on a run so the refs had to make a BS call.

Lowry to LA, get it done. Lowry is as much fools gold as Martin is

Lowry practiced his flopping over the summer

The rockets are getting away with big time travelling this I'm not complaining though I just hate when other teams get away with the same thing.

If we can somehow make Rondo take jump shots, we have a great chance.

Surprise surprise, we're outrebounding a team 39-24!!

Avery Bradley is terrible, was bad at UT.

Gartnet finally got the tech for his dumbass mouth

U mad garnett. U scrub.

Rockets shooting a lot of free throws This is interesting. I have not seen this happens in a long time

Loving the Celt's headband lineup

Only Garnett would talk shit after a ft. He just seems old and bitter.

I don't know who I hate more, Garnett or Pierce

Garnett for sure Although I want to punch Pierce more

I would love Garnett on the Rockets

Their bench is awful.

They really underuse Stiemsma, though. Very good defensive player

I think its so the fans don't have to learn his name, too complicated

It is hard to believe that we have a huge rebound advantage against the Celtics. Our Rockets don’t out rebound anyone

Celtics are one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA

Oh.... THAT I did not know, nor would I expect considering the size on their team.

Pierce looks so doughy

Pierce is so annoying. Whenever he gets the ball, I mute. If I don't, all I hear is "AHHHHHH"

Danny Ainge messed up the franchise with the Perk for Green trade. They could've won atleast two more championships and would have a good core of Rondo and Perk to build around after Ray, KG and Pierce leave.

That wasn't a foul. Stupid ****ing ref is getting off on revving up the crowd, playing hero for the hometown crowd. **********.

Mchale is helping his Celtics win the game. C'mon guys, he won 2 'chips with them in his career he's gotta pay his respects.

People should call him Mcsnail for his slow ass time outs

Dalembert with a great rebounding game. Its been so long since hes been relevant on the boards!

Wow, how the hell did Allen miss that

I hate to say I told you so about dalembert but I told you so. The guy is strong and can block shots but is dumber than rocks. Dumbembert

Rockets have got to be high on the choke statistic.

Is Dalemberts Baksetball IQ 2.5?

Damn Ray Allen. That man is clutch!!!!

Of course ray Allen hits that ****

That's the difference between Allen and Martin. Allen drains that shot every time...Martin misses it

Rockets are Gawd Awful..

**** **** **** **** **** THIS TEAM TRADE EM.... TRADE EM ALL

Lol typical rockets basketball... Choking in the 4th q since 2000.

Omfg thank you so much rondo! HAAHHAHADHAHAHAHAH

Rondo with the CHOKE     Mental breakdown of the year by Rondo.

Boston doesn't deserve this one after what Rondo just did. Hopefully they realize it.

Whew...that shot is usually automatic for Allen ray's shooting nearly 50% this season. Rockets got lucky.

I'd love nothing more than to see prime Rodman make Garnett his bitch, while clowning and verbally humiliating him.

OT vs. Ray, Pierce, KG? Ugh...

Rondo must really want to be a Rocket. He is trying to give us a better record before he gets here :P

Welcome to Rockets Basketball, where amazingnly bad happens.

How can Celtics fan live with their commentators?

Rockets can't stop a geriatric Paul Pierce. Hilarious.

Kg is so done....

This game is a disaster, but I can't look away.

Wow Boston keeps trying to give this away An 8 sec violatioin???!!! HAHAHAHAHA

I think a blood vessel just popped in my head. Good god, Rockets. WHY?

Ok I'm officially done with lowry, he flops so hard its either gonna hurt him or lose the game, that's all he is good for.

Trade everyone now!

We only stood a chance because of Rondo's miss and KG's FTs

We choked the game away not the Celtics

I don't classify Boston as a quality team since half the team are candidates for Hospice care.

This is not on mchale this is on our players he let's us play it out just like Phil use 2 do when he coached hes not suppose 2 call a TO he's not suppose 2 sub everytime sumtin bad happens dis is in DA players his decisions did not cost us DA game DA crucial turn overs did I seriously hope we make a trade before DA deadline

Yeah, we pay him to sit on the bench and look like Frankenstein in a nice suit.

Frankenstein has a nicer suit

Grab your pitchfork and torch and follow me.

I have a head ache. Had I known I would be this pissed off I would have went to sleep before game time.

Don't you know? There's only 2 options for some so called Rockets fans. We either win or suck!

I feel like I won because I didn't get to watch this heart breaking loss

How are Irving and rubio better than lowry?

Or wall? Even Rondo is debatable. Apparently he can't even make a layup.

Rockets falling faster than a lead turd in an outhouse.