Comments from the other side - Nuggets 3/17

Another loss but at least they tried in this one.  But it also highlighted the need to get a rebounder.  If only Kenneth Faried had a twin brother that likes green.  Bring back Leon.  At least he boxes out and goes after rebounds.  I think the Celtics have forgotten how to box out.  Where's Cliff Ray when you need him?  Oh yeah, out in Sacramento. :(   Another game where Celtics fans almost outnumber the home team fans. Any complaints on their part about the refs was ridiculous given the fact that at the half they had 22 free throws to 5 for the Celtics and they ended with 31 to 17 for the Celtics.  And the Celtics were going to the hoop.  Just not getting any calls.    I hope you enjoy the comments in spite of the loss. 

These guys just got destroyed by Sacramento. Could mean they're gonna come out hard against us...or it could mean they are about to get stomped again.

Boston also kind of sucks on the road with a 7-12 record.

They're old, they're slow, they played last night, we're at high altitude and like to run. Please Nugs, use that to your advantage.

If we can't win this game, we suck

Playing the green team on St. Patty's day, this won't end well

Yeah probably half the people in the Pepsi Center will wear green and cheer for Boston. Maybe the Nuggets should bring their green jerseys out of retirement just to diffuse the situation.

Yep, there will be a lot of Celtics fans there. Nuggets fans rock!

Denver has to have one of the worst fanbases in any sport.

Mozov is such a stiff

Looks like the plan is to have Moz shoot and just let Faried get the offensive rebound.

I'm going to flick sweat at the basketball Gods I don't see how we lose to these Celtics

Nba officials that’s how

Wow a lot of Boston fans in Denver

Faried on pace for 56 rebounds tonight. I think he gets it.

How come St. Paddys day is a big thing But most of America doesn't give a shit about Columbus day?


Garnett is on tonight

Thank you, Refs, may we have another?

This game is way more fun than any we've had in a while

Wait, is Javale sitting next to Bird on the bench? He'll probably have a Mohawk and tats before the next game.

Bad sign for Celts we’re up 11 and we havent played well

Solid half Man, the eastern conference is muy bad.

Wow, 28-12 rebounding advantage so far

Well we do have a guy who has 11 rebounds in 11 minutes

Boston is obviously tired, road-weary and old. But still, been a while since Denver beat someone they are supposed to beat.

4 fouls on Pierce. I see this as a good thing

Rivers complained “NO fair, They’re Passing the ball!”

5 on Pierce!!!!

Is this game in Boston or something, there’s more cheers for Boston than Denver.

How to lose a lead and blow the game. By George Karl

Karl is stupid Fraeed sat way to long

Karl’s rotations are covered under the Patriot act, and we are not allowed to divulge them

Fat George must play Fat Andre and Fat al too much drives me crazy

Team A has a dude named manimal who looks like a beast and has a crazy motor Team B is older then the audience of a republican convention in Florida playing on a b2b amidst a sick road trip without a true centre So that manimal dude plays 30-36 minutes to wipe those old people off the floor right? Oh, wait, he is playing just 22 minutes for no reason. Again a Denver game, where nothing makes sence

Wow so a collision is a fould on Gallo????

Kevin Garnett is untouchable, ladies and gentlemen

Wow these ****ing refs just gave garnett 4 free points

We get this kind of offciating at home???

Faried is so dependable at the line 'cause the ball is terrified of what will happen if it doesn't go in.

O. M. G! We beat the Celtics ....AT HOME!!!! I mean OUR HOME!

Its embarrassing how loud the fans let the Celtics chant get.

Not gonna lie didn't think we'd get booed by so many people in our home court..quite sad actually.