Comments from the other side - Lakers 3/11

I love how these fans complain about not getting any calls when they shot 14 more free throws than the Celtics.  I also loved how they were happy to leave Rondo open in the beginning and by the end of the game they were yelling for someone to cover him!  Pretty funny.  In spite of the loss, I hope you can find some comments to smile at. 

Loss. Career game from Rondo.

Considering he had the game of his career a few games ago with 18/20/17, I don't see him eclipsing that.

Just like what the Lakers did in 1987, this group of Lakers will make the Boston Celtics disappear for another 20 plus years.

Win. Prompting KG to sign with us next year

I honestly think KG is done after this year

I can forget the ugly losses at Detroit and Washington with a win against the stinking green

Probably the last game for Gasol in purple & gold...also, the last game for Rondo in green...

No Jerlame Oatmeal, no Wilcox. KoME please feed the bigs!!!

I hope we bash there heads in and humiliate them on National TV

I honestly dislike Pierce and Garnett, which makes defeating them much more of a sweet conquest.

No JO? Then bynum should have a field day

Home game against worthy opponent. Double digit win!

I'm not impressed with the Celtics

I love playing the Celtics. They're just as old and offensively-challenged as the Lakers which means it's actually an even playing field.

Rondo is a conundrum In some ways he seems a superstar; in other ways, he looks fatally flawed.

Last year he was the best player in the playoffs until they lost. But no other player was playing better individually. He then got hurt and still played with one f***in arm. Very Kobe-like.

Geriatric Bowl!

Ray Allen steamrolled... Makes a good landing cushion

Kg getting away with a lot as usual

Red eye Rondo can't see

This is why rondo might be a horrible fit here....just cant shoot

Give Rondo that shot all day. He can't shoot.  

Artest sucks, wow.

Kobe's terrible at finishing at the rim now

Pointy Elbows Allen

Fish being worthless happened....again I just wish fisher would go back to Utah

Rondo has 2 fouls. Still leaving our guys in the dust though

Gasol for Curry/Lee...needs to be completed.

Murphy is so immobile and it shows on the offensive end as well

Old man Allen can still play some defense

Celtics getting away with a ton of fouls so far...

KG totally grabbed Drew's wrist.... And of course gets away with it. Joey Crawford and the zebra's playing "Three Blind Mice."

I want a wheelchair trash into Paulina's knees. Then someone bangs the wheelchair into KG's mouth.

No reason not to Blow these scrubs out

That rookie for Celtics is a shot blocking machine.

Boston sucks. Another 20 year drought in the making

Doc rivers sounds like nick nolte now

Paul pierce needs a Norelco

Our bench is so bad. Very sad.

Avery Bradley is a tenatious defender.

Refs call everything on us! But they refuse to call for the Celdicks!

Bad TO from Kobe, he looked off bynum who had great post position on scalabrine just to do that, argh.

All them whites look alike

Lol, its some other white guy. No idea who he is but just blocked pau.

Smh gasol you just got rejected by an albino

That shot blocker on the Celtics looks like a dude who would be in Germany

PP is just way too strong for Barnes

Pierce own Barnes, Artest owns Pierce

Celtics moving in slow motion. And folks say our team is old. Dang.

I call them the Boston Old Men's club And people want to trade Rondo

Which came first, Bryant's constant whining to the refs or the refs turning a blind eye? I don't remember.

Stop with the lob passes numbskulls You aint athletic

I think Celtics were stupid for letting Perkins go

Paul"The Fake"Pierce can still dunk

Bynum letting the OFFICIALS Know that the cursing Dinosaur is holdind his arm

Ray Allen thinks he never commits a foul


Pau playing soft already

Our Point guards are beyond garbage

Rondo should NOT be hitting threes....

Metta World Brick

Basically, Lakers have gone stupid.

Gasol is limp and Bynum is gimp.

Amnesty Kobe, Gasol's soft, Bynum's not Howard! This Lakers team has no heart!

Kobe is freaking garbage lately.

I cant stand Kobe he is so bad now Trade him for monta!

Who the (bleep) decides to interview a guy like Rondo? Useless interview.

Artest should just play on Sundays

Ron with a vendetta DUNK ON WHEELCHAIR BOY

Metta always get in some elbows, pushes, shoulders against all the Celtics over his time with the Lakers and the usually just puss out and let him walk all over them. Garnett finally gave him his soft push and quickly took 3 steps back to let the refs get in between Come on KG we all know you don't want to fight

Paulina and kg screwed up...awoke the ARTEST.

Celtics are dirty...Allen trying to hit Kobe's face every time..

There's so much cheering when the Celtics make, smh

20 PTs for Rondo Rondo can't shoot MY ASS!

Kobe's gotta play closer on rondo

Need to get some one on rondoh that can guard him...and fish is not an option

Rondo better be careful. He's going to waste his jump shot quota in a meaningless game.

I hate ray Allen

I hate kg

Pau is on that scared of Boston B.S. Again.

Pretty big fall for old man pierce, better check his hip

Keep jabstepping Pau, maybe one day it'll actually do something to a defender

Oh damn that looked painful rondos face got smushed

KG has some serious problems. He is blocking imaginary people.

Refs are killing the Celtics!

Have to say, Ray's shot is pure art

You never ever leave ray wide open no matter how much he is struggling....that's taboo in the NBA

Bass torching gasol

Metta is good at accidentally flopping for calls

You could swear freaking Rondo is Isiah Thomas today hitting jumpers & FT's

Trade Rondo for Bynum

Rondo is unreal when his jumper is falling.

Leave Allen wide open. 5 point deficit. Good job Lakers.

When you give up a wide-open 3 to Ray Allen out of a timeout, you deserve to lose.

Bass finally misses! And Bass is AUTOMATIC from midrange.. Guess he's just not clutch

Boston just can't handle Drew, dude is huge

Kobe called off brown's play and told drew they were going to him? Kobe said he swithced the play after the timeout Damn calling MB out publicly

So basically mike brown drew up a play and Kobe just said eff that we gonna do it my way and give it to bynum?? This team has no respect for MB

Guard Pierce and of those two knuckleheads is gonna attempt a 3

Rondo wanted no part in taking a 3 , great win .

I love that look on Pierce's face

(bleep) YOU CELTICS! Now go back to your cave for another 20 years.

Even when they suck, it's still sweet to beat the Boston Celtics.

Celtics are going to be under .500 soon, they are a very bad team.

Boston has legitimately earned respect as a franchise and with this current group. I just love it when Paul gets dunked on, that never gets old

Amazing. We beat the refs and the Celtics!

This may be the last time we see these 2 trios play off against each other, this is such a great rivalry.

This game put lakers above the Celtics as the best franchise ever Imo.

Uh. maybe we should gauge the franchises by championships rather than a close win in a meaningless regular season game that could have gone either way.  

Garnett would fit in perfect on this team next year

Correct me if I'm wrong. In the Lakers-Celtics rivalry...
Both fans hate each other.
Both team’s players hate each other.
Both team’s coaches hate each other.
Both team’s organization hate each other.
Yet there is a lot of respect between each organization.