Comments from the other side - Jazz 3/28

Lots of KG hate from Jazz fans.  It's funny how different fan bases hate different players.  In Utah it's KG, in Chicago it's Rondo, in other places it's Pierce and in a few places it's even Ray Allen.  Glad at least one fan stuck up for KG, though.    For all their complaints about the refs and them not getting any calls,  they shot 3 more free throws than the Celtics.   There are the usual complaints about Tommy being a homer.  These people have no idea that he has 10 rings and has forgotten more about the game than they know.   Some fun comments today.  Enjoy! 

Should be a fun game. Youth vs. Age. We can take these guys if we expect to win.

This should be a good game, Jefferson vs KG, Millsap vs. Bass, Rondo and his speed vs. Harris and his ability to actually make a shot, Pierce vs. Our wings, our bench vs. Their benchwarmers

I just don't see us staying in this game. We are due for a cluncker and this game is it. I hope they surprise me by playing well, but we maybe asking too much for them to win this one when we have played too many games on too many nights in too many different cities

Of course Boston can win. But at least, we have a chance. I believe in this team.

Appaarently Boston is the only team in the league Al Jefferson hasn't won against...

Ray Allen is out. Hate to see a player injured But I am somewhat glad Allen is out. Love the player, but the 3 kills us.


No Jesus shuttleworth, best news for jazz

Allen's out; makes the Celts vulnerable in my book.

Let's go Jazz! Do it for Al!

I usually like listening to the opposing announcers Not the Celtics’

The color guy is probably the worst I’ve heard in the NBA

I agree one time he sounded like he wanted to go down and start fighting the opposing team.

Rondo is a sick passer.

Boston Rondos

Jefferson 0/5 to start. Ouch.

Ok, Al, I love you... Just stop shooting.

Good thing this crowd is dead too

Their crowd is so quiet.  Thought they had better fans 

Al Jefferson thinks he's playing for Boston or something. ****ting bricks all over the court.

Al Jefferson shouldn't play against the Celtics. If he's going to be a complete dumbass he's a massive liability.

Who is this Stiemsma dude?

A blocking machine, apparently

These Boston announces really don't have much to say......….about ANYthing.

Way to flop Garnett.

He's relying on his veteran wiley-ness these days

We're shooting 8 of 26 and still only down 2 pts; imagine what could happen if we started hitting our shots

Same could be said about the Celts

Had no idea Pavlovic was on their team, somehow Seems like every team in the NBA has at least one Jazz cast off

And the foul disparity rears it's ugly head.

Home court cookin

The refs are just crazy calling against the jazz right now.

Is it just me or is Harris connecting the hair from the back of his neck to the front of his neck?

I turned it on at 23-23. We haven't scored since. Should I turn it off?

Just get a new TV

Jazz will have to score if they hope to win tonight

I'll do one better; Jazz will have to score more than the Celtics if they hope to win tonight

For all the foul calls vs the Jazz, the Celts have only shot 2 more FTs.

Wut happened after the 1st qtr Did the Celtics just drink super defense juice?

No they realized the refs were on their side tonight And are taking advantage of it

This is 8 vs 5 out there What a joke.

Watching Rondo make these crazy ass passes makes me want Marshall.

Is that 4 charges now? And they were all legit charges, learn to pull up, damn.

When do you think the Jazz will figure out that the Celtics are trying to draw offensive fouls on every drive?

Cj miles u suck. Captain Harris threw a perfect alley and you cant even oop. Smh.

What the hell were you watching!!! Cj would've had to have a 60inch vertical to even catch that pass.

I stand by my claim that Harris is the worst alley-oop passer in the NBA.

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and throws oops like Harris then it must be a duck.

If we can't win this game, against a depleted team, I don't know what to say.......

Rondo is pretty much making us look silly.

Carroll already beat on defense once and didn't shoot as clock running out. Once again, why does this garbage player play?

Rondo deserved that TO being a little punk letting the ball roll up that far

Any chance the officiating evens out or do the officials seem hell bent in this one?

I think they had a raffle drawing for which player would get screwed over today And favors’ name was drawn

Millsap was 1st quarter Favors was 2nd quarter, I think they draw a player by quarter, and a team before the game. So it’s probably gonna be Jefferson in the 3rd

Ahh good observation Although it seems as though this raffle only consists of jazz player names…shoot!

Didn't realize Stiesma's nickname was Golden Blocks


it’s spelled ‘GoldiBlocks’. Hard to tell with the accents.

To Be Fair … they have good help D. We have the OlĂ© Bros.

This some crazy favoritism by the refs Hint they don’t like the jazz

OK That was nice, Rondo. He has been playing really well tonight.

At this point it's more like Maybe we should just enjoy watching Rondo play and pretend the other team isn’t the Jazz.

Sadly I am, a little bit.

Big Al killin his trade value for Rondo in the off season

Yes, this game is clearly the only reason Boston would not do that trade...

Watching Big Al and Millsap play this reminds me why we need to get rid of both of them in the off season. Kanter and Favors need to start next year.

Good to see some damn effort, finally. We're out rebounding the hell out of them. As long as we don't do a million offensive fouls and get sloppy, pilling up turnovers, we should have a good chance at winning this game.

PP has been doing that arm hook all night And they finally call it? Awesome

We are making a run now but.... Will we prepared for when the Celtics try to make a run back at us? With their lockdown defense

Celtics are without ray Allen and yet. .

Who's that big white guy that's dominating Jefferson?

The Jazz have infected the Celtics with settle for jumpers disease. Perfect!

Stiemsma has Ken doll hair. It's the same color as his skin.

Dammit Ty, don't you dare let these guys come back and compete in this game, you're too bad of a coach to do that!

Ty had starters play the entire 3rd qtr. Reminds me of OT in Altlanta. Does Ty forget to sub sometimes?

HELL YEAH! I love these games, when you thought you're team was dead meat, but they make a huge run to take the lead and win. Well hopefully we can win this.

What is Watson doing? There's five seconds left and he just stands there holding the ball....... Moron......

Amusing hearing the Celts announcers grumble and groan

Gahahahaha at the Boston announcer saying that was an offensive foul! The defender was moving the ENTIRE play! Gahahahah!

No call on Burks? Ty should’ve gotten in the refs face for that one

Refs weren't about to give him back-to-back calls       They were afraid they’d get fined by the league

Half hour late whistle on KG's flopping around.

I hate these Boston commentators Saying how jazz are getting cheap fouls…

I feel bad I wouldn’t want to listen to that, I’d end up breaking something

Garnett is a ****

Big Al won't back down

He shouldn't either. Garnett is ALL bark. Someone really does need to slap him.

I'd break his fing nose

KG gets away with everything

When is someone finally gonna knock KG on his ***. Dude is the biggest punk I've ever seen on the court.

Did they just give Garnett a delay of game? To chicken to actually T him up?

Ok Garnett, you just lost all credibility as a "tough guy"

Garnett's post whistle routine is ridiculous. He's the fakest fake tough guy the league has ever seen.

KG can go **** himself. I hate this guy. Such a dirty punk.

Kanter gets no burn anyway... Send him in to flagrant foul KG?

The only reason KG didn't talk back is cause Al J isn't 2 feet smaller than him.

Booooooooooooooo to the refs

Booooooooooooooo To us for not knowing how to put that orange thing into that hoop thingy

Celtics announcers are unbearably bad. No shame in their bias.

White guy is owning Jefferson

Just don't let us lose to pavlovic and dooling.

I think KG is in Favors' head. Two straight misses and I don't know how many layups he's missed..

Too many missed FTs and Millsap/Jefferson have jackpotted around. Bass and KG kicked Millsap and Jefferson in the rears, made out with their wimen, and stole their lunch money.

KG is a genuine piece of ****

WTF!!!! KG getting away with murder all night. Screw these refs!!

Game over. I'd like to just see someone injure KG to end this.

Kg throws an elbow at milsaps face that draws blood. Suspension potentially coming up. Yet refs somehow miss it

KG is a joke. He is a disgrace to basketball and everything the game stands for.

I heart KG. You folks are only hating him cuz he's on the other team. You'd love if any of our bigs did what he's doing. He has completely intimidated Big Al, gotten under our whole team's skin, and is playing nasty out there.

There's a fine line between playing nasty and being an *******.

Someone put kg on his ass. Please?

Seriously he deserves to have the lights knocked out.

If we had a lead and Favors was doing the exact same stuff to Boston, you'd all be loving it. KG exposed us for what we are... Too soft inside. He kicked our asses. He played physical, he played smart, he got inside our heads, and dominated us the way most HOF big men do. Our bigs are killer in games of HORSE. KG, despite losing a lot of his skills and jumping ability, still knows how to play the game, intimidate, and get into heads. He's not soft. We are.

I hate the **** out of Garnett but he was +23, that's no coincidence. He kicked Al's ass

Garnett has mastered the art of the cheap shot and getting into player's heads. He knows where the refs eyes are, and he only does stuff they can't see. Hate the guy, but his methods are effective.

I don't think the dude has ever set a legal screen.

He's pretty much the Vanilla Ice of the NBA. I don't think he could hang in a fight versus your run of the mill shooting guard. I also think that Brittany Griner chick could take him.

That is exactly why he is so effective. He understands being able to fight doesn't matter. He just has to get you in the Mindset that you want to fight him. Like I said, I hate it, but it works

Rondo has 14 assists... All of our PGs combined have 9.

How Far do people think the Hack-a-Rondo strategy was from Ty Corbin’s thought process in this game? I hope it hits him sometime in his sleep tonight

Lol the refs today were as bad as CJ was today

I really hate KG He is a great basketball player, but he is also an awful human being.

I'm glad someone else feels that way. I know not to take it personal when he goes elbowing and starting fights, since he does it with seemingly everyone he meets, but it still rubs me somethin’ bad whenever I see him acting “physical”

I've always disliked KG, but now I think that his is my least favorite player in the league... And they make him "player of the game"

PG play has been a big issue in this game. Rondo has controlled the entire game and got other players involved. Harris is only a shooter and hes not hitting his shot so makes him worthless.

So that's the new leader for worst officiated game of the year. Still losts of time though. Must be tough for KG. He only got the one title, his body is failing him and now he has to finish off his career on a mediocre team which lacks the tools to rebuild. What a jerk.

Garrnet is the biggest jerk face on the planet. If I was a Boston fan I would be screaming for a trade. What a joke. I am so sick of him getting away with all the crap.

Until another player takes matters into their own hands KG will keep doing what he's doing. Until then...whatever...just KG being KG.

Which is why he has rings and we have black eyes No "soft" team or player has ever won this trophy. Until we start playing more like KG, we ain't gonna be winning any trophy soon.

Utah jazz next season Austin rivers-burks-Hayward-favors-kanter