Comments from the other side - Hawks 3/19

 Finally a winning version of Comments from the other side.   Yet another arena filled with Celtics fans.    It wasn't a pretty win, but then again,  these ugly games play right to the Celtics strengths.   Of course there were the "old" comments but since the Hawks are actually older than the Celtics as a team,  they weren't exactly valid.  I think my favorite comment came from Gary Tanguay in the post game show.  He called Greg Stiemsma "Goldy Blocks."  That just cracked me up for some reason.  I hope you enjoy today's WINNING comments!   What's your favorite?  

With a lack of frontcourt bangers and anyone other than Rondo capable of driving and drawing contact, Boston is next to last in shot attempts leading to And-1 calls, a paltry 1.8%.

KG matched up head to head against Zaza If I don’t see a fight, or at least a couple of head butts, I will be very disappointed.

He knows not to eff with Rocky…He’ll probably start barking at Kirk.

Let’s dance on the rotting corpse of Celtics tonight Attack the Glass, KG is afraid of Zaza and they are a weak rebounding team.

We need 2-4 points off technicals. Zaza can easily get under the skin of Doc, Paul, KG, or Rondo.

I heard that the Hawks have the oldest team in the NBA But that Celtics starting lineup seems so old that there’s ought to be a Scooby Doo villain on it.

Pretty sure Mavs are oldest and Hawks are number 2

That’s a little misleading. The Hawks are the oldest because they have rotting corpses at the end of the bench. That’s a little different from the Celtics who have rotting corpses in the starting lineup.

I hate the Celtics

We should beat them easily. They are on their last legs and can't even beat the Kings. We got this one.

Someone needs to throw their coke at that kid in the Ray Allen jersey

I will be very dissapointed if old Pierce goes off on baby arms Joe.

Uhoh Rivers has KG guarding Josh not Zaza...

Seriously, is Teague making racist comments about officials before these games? I don’t know where the biased officiating toward him comes from

Paul Pierce is so freaking slow.

Everyone's slow at that age Surprised he doesn’t need a walker

Who is that albino?

I think it's Eric Montross :)

Ray Allen’s complaining antics might land JEff Teague with a technical

Josh won't allow Teague to run the offense by simply not passing to him.

Who the hell uses a point guard to run their offense? Chumps, that’s who

Ah yes...the Don Nelson school of point/forwards

Celtics SHOULD look to run, if Collins, Zaza, McGrady, and Stack are on the floor together

Phillips cheering more loudly for Boston than ATL

This is the lowest scoring game I have ever seen. First team to 65 wins

Am I to understand that Collins is a better option than Dampier?

It's like asking which foot would be better to shoot

Boston offense has sputtered, says 'Nique How can you tell, I ask.

JJ warming up after that awful shooting start (I’m on a bit of tape delay)

Who still uses tape?

I remember my parents renting one for my 11th birthday That was the coolest party – we watched some cartoon about a unicorn and had purple frosted cupcakes. I was the cool kid at school for at least 3 days after that. ;)

Are you sure you weren't taking acid?

Growing up in the 80s is pretty much the same thing, isn't it?

Hinrich guarding Pierce is a bit of a mismatch

My Celtic hate is growing stronger. I didn't even realize I had another level to go to

Always seems to be the new scrubs on good teams who make the dirty plays.

The Celts look hapless.

Tech for taunting. I'm ok with it.

There should be an exception to that rule whenever one plays the Cs

THAT is taunting??? Garnett would never play.

Collins can't get away with the typical KG moving screen

Hawks trying for a blowout    Refs trying to keep the game close. Shameful

Why the hell does it seem like there are more Celtics fans than Hawks fans in the building? They probably think it's home game for them.

It was the old fallin out of bounds play 60% of the time it works, every time.

Yay, Jason Collins is healthy! Sit back down please!

Larry drew takes a timeout to re-break collin’s arm

I just hope they don't come up with the whack-a-Collins strategy A low-scoring game will grind to a halt

Pierce is really bugging me tonight Could we hurry up and draw another foul?

Pierce should get in his wheelchair and stay there.  He is finished.  No wonder he gets called for so many fouls.  He commits them in slow motion.  

It's like the last 10 minutes have been specifically about The differences between Ivan Johnson and Jason Collins.

A Tale Of Two Shitties.

I love Ivan He’s a scrub that barely belongs in the NBA, and by no means is a center. And he’s 100 times better than Jason Collins.

How do you leave Ray Allen open??????

Zaza gave KG a little headbutt there on his way off the floor.

We deserve to lose this game

If this offense stays like this, I'll be picking up my remote.

And change the brightness? a brighter team.

Why do the Hawks always play to the other team's style?

This isn't matching styles This is playing sucky basketball

I'm out. Can't take hearing the crowd cheer on the Celts in this shit storm.

We should run some offensive plays or something.

Why start now?

It's actually not all that unbelievable They hit three straight 3s. It seems crazy, in a game like this, of course. But with Ray Allen, it’s hardly even note-worthy.

Jesus Shuttleworth's shot is pretty I’ll give him that.

How do they not kick garnett in the ribs when he’s sitting like that

I picked a hell of a week to quit drinking.

This effort is enough to drive one back to drinking

KG with the long "ill advised" 2. Nothing but net

Well Larry Drew's neglect for the offense has cost us yet again. It absolutely sickens me that these anylists are giving him credit for all of our success, he's an absolute joke. HIRE MIKE FRATELLO

We go on a run when Boston put Pierce at the 4. Too slow to penetrate and Airballing jumpers vs Josh and Zaza.

Teague is a weak no nerves having punk. I am done with him.

Hawks are pathetic. Maddening. I shouldn’t get so aggrivated over basketball, but I can’t help it. We just can’t be losing to a team like the Celtics, under no circumstances.

I hate everything bout the Celtics

Just cut off a Boston fan in the parking lot waiting in line to leave It’s the small things

I hope Bass at least gets a fine for the flagrant

Man, the Hawks suck so much, losing to the corpse of a team. This Hawks teams ups and downs are so frustrating