Comments from the other side - Clippers 3/12

 My first thought in reading the Clipper boards was "With fans like this, who needs enemies!"  Way more hatred for their own team than for the Celtics.  But, of course they hate KG and Pierce.  That's a given for any team fanbase.  They are, however, coveting Ray Allen.  Who wouldn't want that silky shot on their team?  They also hate their coach.  I think at least half the threads were complaints about Vinny Del Negro.  One of my favorite comments was how VDN makes a great cup holder!  It was also funny how they mention that Celtics fans always think the refs are against them and then complain the whole game about how the refs are against them.  Some fun comments today.  Enjoy them and please post your favorites in the comments section. 

Dear Basketball God, please let the Clippers know they need to play some defense and take the lead instead of coming back from double digit deficits.

Only person that scares me is ray Allen. If he gets hot we're done. Rondo cant shoot and pierce is old and streaky. Please don't let some bum catch on fire either its going to be dooling or pietrus.

Bledsoe better be suited up for tonight's game. Show why, we should keep him. At the very least impress Boston to take Bledsoe for Ray Allen.

Kg always shuts down Blake, I'm worried.

Let's start off HOPING that the reffing is better than last night's game, I thought Donaghy was re-instated.

Rondo can be a beast on the boards if he gets loose. People focus on his inability to shoot but dude can get 17 boards and make a huge impact as far as second change points for the C’s.

Celtics are old and also exerted a lot of energy last night. This may also boil down to a good coach and strategy vs a poor one.

I sat under one of the baskets at the Celtics/Clips game last year. Seeing the Celtics up close was mesmerizing how quickly and efficiently they moved the ball around on offense and how hard they worked on defense.They may be old but man they were/are something to watch when they are locked in. BTW, did I mention I can’t stand any team from the Boston/NE area?

Ray Allen is a paragon of health and peak physical fitness; he has a few more good years in him.

I would trade Bled for Courtney Lee and OJ Mayo... Not anyone else.

How does that work. Bledsoe’s top half goes to the Rockets and his bottom to the Grizzlies?

LOL Wherever Bledsoe’s bottom half goes, Reggie wants a piece at it.

Seriously outnumbered tonight Its about 80- 20 Boston fans here tonight

With our lack of our offensive plays, and Boston's pretty good D, we're gonna struggle a lot

Blake griffin needs longer arms

Doc said he's going to limit Kevin's minutes tonight So BG’s arms should do the trick.

Deandre Jordan needs a bigger brain.

Boston fans outnumbering clips fans It feels like a 80-20 split here in Staples in boston’s favor. Thought maybe these days were over. Guess not. Love the crowd booing the clips as they came out for their pre game warm ups right now.

Might be the condensed schedule... But this year’s Clips lacking a lot of out of the gate fight at home

Not like VDN has any clue how to motivate… or do anything else

U kiddin'? VDN makes a GREAT cupholder.

So many Celtics fans in staples center

We suck

I see Brandon Bass is our designated No-Name Superstar for the night.

New nickname for our center: _eAn_re Jor_an...
_J for short.

But he has no J either

How was that not a push?

I told you that Boston was going to get favorable calls lol

Boston fans thought it’d be the other way. It’s all about perspective, bro.

It seems a lot of Celtics fans are ALWAYS convinced the refs are against them, though... I blame Tommy Heinsohn. He’s the worst.

LOL.. He made Steisma get a T outta that.

Who is Spiedsman (sp?) and why do I want to punch him already?

Stietsma is a Celtics’ treasure. We love him.

I prefer your white boys with red hair thank you very much.

Bled with a haircut and a headband

Has to look good for his new team?

Refs hate the Clips

Are they going to leave Bass open all game?

Shhh…he’s on my fantasy team.

The Celtics Just Aren't The Same Team Without This Guy

Why is he so popular? Bulls fans went into a frenzy when he got off the bench tonight

He is the Luke Walton of the Eastern Conference

No one roots for Luke Walton. Not Even

VDN's coaching strategy is, "nothing else is working, so let's try this..."

Boston only shooting 58% Great defense

I sure hope this isnt bleds last game

If we get Ray Allen... I’ll be like “Eric Who?”.

Were lucky the Celtics are old and slow Our matador D is good enough to contain them on the drive

We can't get a call.  The refs hate the Clippers.  We just get no respect. 

Somebody is going to get tossed this game

I hope it's Garnett or rondo

Better be Garnett Whenever someone is tossed, it is almost ALWAYS Kevin Garnett’s fault… Even if he isn’t playing.

Rondo is one hell of a defender.

I cant tell if Paul is playing shitty or Rondo is just owning him Could be some of each

Rondo might be the best defensive point guard in the league

Stiemsma guards the paint like a hawk. He makes Dwight look like a joke.

The Celtics are a dirty team

I am not surprised at all that Boston is going to get favorable calls

Ray Allen not looking to good?

He doesn’t want to be a Clipper. he’s not going to play well.

Send Garnett home

90% of the NBA can kick his ass He usually only picks on Euro players and Boykins-sized players.

Garnett is such a dbag. One of my least favorite players in the league. Would love to see Reggie pop him in the face. Can't believe he hasn't been ejected yet.

Doc Rivers isnt getting outcoached by VDN. It's another typical problem that Celtics deal with every night: athletic opponents.

Not sure if our defense is good or the Celt's o has sucked.

With the number of Celtics fans in the arena, the refs probably think it's their home game and that's why they are getting all the calls.  

I think we just match up well with the Celtics Theyre too old and unathletic to take advantage of our crappy D or keep up with us running.

Rivers should just play his young bench rather than old Garnett, Pierce, and Allen. Those guys are hobbled.

Vinny must have sucked the energy out of the freaking team..we were hot now we're sucking again.
I guess Garnett is so used to getting away with those illegal screens that when they actually call it, he is baffled.

Wow. Clippers can't do anything right

They seem to be falling down OK

Screw these dirty Celtic players.

I'm sick of hearing all these damn Celtics fans..

CP is a moron tonight He just watched Rondo go by him

Boston's defense pretty good this quarter.

Come on clipps Boston is not dat good

Well, Boston running out of bigs now?

When you play this horrendous of a quarter... You deserve to lose. We suck, and this is not a playoff team.

ESPN dude just said, "Clippers, always entertaining to watch."

...if you're not rooting for them.

Rondo is good

How does ray Allen keep getting open?

We are... An overpriced version of the Washington Wizards. Lots of talent, ZERO basketball IQ.

The Wizards!?!!? We're not that good..

Have you seen McGee?? We practice hard, and none of us can get that stupid!

McGee makes DJ look very smart.

Can we please steal Ray Allen? We need him

That's it Trade everyone

Clippers have not lead since the CP3 Flop... Bad mojo, guys

Plenty Of Reasons To Hate The Celtics

Whats this thing Boston is doing Trying to stop the other team from scoring.. What is that?

Yeah, they are stupid This is why the suck… Oh wait.. That’s us.

Are the fans chanting wheres the defense? I like that better than lets go Celtics

Why are there so many chowdaheads in the building?

I swear... Rondo is the ultimate troll.

No, he's an alien

He looks a bit more elf like.

I agree
Alien- Cassell.
Rondo- Elf.

Of course Rondo makes all his fts

Stop giving them free points. They are going to make them. They aren’t the Clippers

Smart coaching by Rivers. He knows that Bobby is a terrible defender, so he continues to go to whoever Bobby is guarding

Bleep you Pierce where’s your wheelchair?

CP3 is starting to get on my nerves. What is he bringing to the table again? It seems our best ball movement comes from all our guards but CP3. Holding the ball for a full possession is a crime.

This game is like a massage from an incredibly fat guy.. :( I don’t like it.

When your crunch time lineup includes Simmons, you are not very good.

We seriously need to make a trade

I trade you vdn and Brian cook for doc rivers

I wanna throw my beer at the TV.

Nooooooooooooooooooo don't get hurt, Allen. We want you.

If the Clippers can’t have Ray Allen then NO ONE CAN HAVE RAY ALLEN!

Ray Allen is fine. Good. Now go get him, Neil.

I don't want Ray Allen... His alien head irks me

Boston Defense owns our crappy offense

If we had a half decent coach we could have won this game, last night, and many others.

We suck. No way around it. Can't even beat a team of old geezers. We don't deserve the playoffs.

I hate that I hate the team that I love.  We suck!!