Comments from the other side - Bobcats 3/26

Not a lot of chatting on the Bobcat message boards.  It's kind of refreshing that they didn't spend all their time complaining about the refs even through said refs were trying to set a record for the most fouls called in a game.  I was almost glad the Celtics gave them some enjoyment when the Celtics pulled their incredible shrinking lead trick again.   Even though there aren't a lot of comments, I hope you enjoy them.  

Leprechaun Beatdown !

The Celtics are kinda good but kinda not very good at the same time. Then they added Ryan Hollins which made me go all "LOLOLOLOLOL". Sure, still better than the Bobcats, but I mean, duhhhhh.

According to Silas We have no centers and no one on our roster will be a NBA center in the future. POSITIVENESS!

Biyombo plays C fine I don't know what that idiot is talking about If we land Davis he will be our PF and BB our C. Who cares what that dumb old man says.

At least ya'll get to see your boy Rondo. Have we ever beaten them??

Looks like Boston south in here tonight with all the green.

I'm not sure why I bother to watch this joke of a team. It's an addiction, I guess

Anthony Davis will have a much better body than Garnett. Davis already has a much thicker base.

Get that weak ish out of here Rondo

There is not nearly enough movement on offense

This has been all season long

There's not nearly enough movement in this game thread...

This team sucks so damn bad

2 fouls on Biz    Oh well. I'll go hold my breath until halftime when we can play with biyombo again

No heart in the bobcats right now. Just giving this game away after flirting for 2 minutes.

See, this is what pisses me off. We are getting ran on by this old ass Celtics team when we should be the ones running on them.

We seem to always give up a massive run like this 14-0 now and we haven’t scored for nearly 5 mins..

It's painful to watch

What in the world is Uncle Steve talking about?? He just said we drafted Ryan Holling in 1996 and Doc Rivers led the C's to their last title in 1997 LULZ

Great start to the second

We're starting to look like a basketball team now.

Mully drilling the three right in Garnett’s face

This game has gotten much more entertaining

So, can we start calling Charlotte 'Lob City'?

We're looking... …good?

Reggie Williams really can be like a poor man's James Harden, which would make him a pretty good player.

With great beard comes great basketball-ability.

Derrick Brown angry to the basket Good reason to be mad too. They’re tryin to kill him.

Well we survived the third quarter ice age with little damage done      Time to finish strong

Getting interesting again...

Great effort from Mully and UPS tonight though! I am soooo glad we have a shortened season this year, this team might not be historically bad but its pretty close.

Gerald Henderson is becoming a very good player

He's also the only player who shot efficiently tonight.

Gerald Henderson sucks.

LOL. Think we could get a couple 2nd rounders for him?

Wow, maybe we need to draft Royce White (at 31) to be our PG. Somebody please teach DJW the difference between a hug and boxing out.