Celtics interested in Raptors guard Leandro Barbosa

According to a Brazilian report the Celtics have inquired with the Raptors what it would take to acquire reserve guard Leandro Barbosa. The Raptors are looking to clear cap space to make a contract offer for restricted free agent Wilson Chandler (one large enough to dissuade the Nuggets from matching). The Raptors are looking for an expiring contract and a first rounder in return for the 29 year old Brazilian native.

Now just because the Raptors want a 1st rounder for Barbosa doesn't mean they won't have to settle for a 2nd rounder. For a 2nd rounder Barbosa becomes much more attractive. There's also the possibility that Ainge was looking to get Barbosa to fill Rondo's shoes if he was traded to the Lakers. Danny has denied placing calls regarding Rondo, but he has been taking them and numerous reporters say he is shopping him.

Thank you Rodrigo Stücker for the tip.