Larry Bird says he would have retired in 1988 if Len Bias had lived

Bill Simmons interviewed Larry Bird this weekend. Off the bat Larry stands up for Red's loyalty and refutes Danny Ainge's story of Red throwing out trade rumors. Bird says the conversation did take place (where Danny told Red he should trade the Big 3), but that he personally wouldn't have done that. It's a shame that Larry had success as an NBA coach and is now seeing it as a GM, but it  wasn't in Boston.

Then Simmons and Bird start talking about the glory days of the 1980's and Larry Bird agrees that the 1986 team was the best. Afterwards Bird drops that he would have retired in 1988 if Len Bias had lived. Simmons isn't buying it (and I don't think I am either. Red would have talked him out of it), but interesting nonetheless.

Larry also thinks Red would have taken Brad Daugherty if the Celtics had gotten the #1 pick in 1986.

Which current player would Larry most like to have played with? Kobe Bryant.

Listen to the full interview here.