Grand Theft Rondo returns to refurbish Boston basketball courts

Dime Magazine
Last year, Rajon Rondo and Red Bull teamed up in a big way to give back to the City of Boston by creating Boston’s Got Wings. For every steal Rondo recorded (153 in only 68 games), $500 was donated to the Boston Parks and Recreation Department to refurbish basketball courts throughout the city, netting the parks $76,500.

Rondo, Red Bull and Boston’s Got Wings is back this season, and it’s even bigger and better than last year.

It was officially announced yesterday that Rondo and Red Bull will donate $750 for each steal Rondo records this season. The donation will generate approximately $99,000 this season, based on his career steals average of two per game. Through February 6th, 2012, Rondo had 26 steals, already accumulating $19,500 in funds for city parks.

You can vote at RedBull's Boston Got Wings website.

Rondo video after the jump.