Former Celtics Gugliotta & Corchiani ejected from college basketball game

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Only six minutes remained in Florida State's convincing 76-62 victory over North Carolina State on Saturday when referee Karl Hess did something even longtime basketball fans had never seen before.
He ejected two of the greatest players in the history of NC State's program.

At the request of the notoriously prickly Hess, security at the RBC Center ordered former NBA forward Tom Gugliotta and former NCAA career assists record holder Chris Corchiani to vacate their courtside seats. Gugliotta and Corchiani argued with Hess for a few seconds before leaving with chants of "ref you suck" from the NC State student section echoing in the background.

It's unclear exactly what the two ex-NC State stars said to draw Hess' ire, but Corchiani tweeted that they merely told the referees they were "having a bad game" and there was "no profanity" involved.

Said Corchiani: "Karl"rabbit ears" Hess didn't like the fact Googs and I told him he was having a bad day, inconsistent, and telling the truth."
Was watching this live today and I was pretty shocked when it happened. How often do refs get fans ejected and for them to be two of the most famous alumni just made it more shocking. Imagine if let's say John Havlicek and Bob Cousy were ejected from the Garden. I loved Googs' "Who me?"

Both Gugliotta and Corchiani had cups of coffees with the Celtics. You can read Corchiani's WTHHT here and we eagerly await Gugliotta's.