Corchiani battles with Vinny Del Negro during a 2014 alumni game. Todd Fuller looks on

Many would say he epitomized being "a step slow" for the association.  Some may remember him for his excellent college career at NC State where along with Rodney Monroe, he formed the "fire and ice" duo.  I tend to remember him as being a reserve point guard for a horrendous Celtics team.

He was drafted by the Magic in the second round of the 1991 draft after setting the NCAA all-time record for assists (this would be broken by Bobby Hurley; although it should be noted Corchiani has a higher average, 8.4 to 7.7).  112 games later and two teams (Bullets and Celts) and he was out of the league.  The 1994 season was his final year in the league and he played 51 games for the Celtics in that campaign.  One stat that jumps out at me is his horrid FT%.  You'd think he'd be excellent from the line but he only shot 68% (26 for 38 for the year).  That Celtics team was really, really bad.  If it's any consolation to him, Monroe's career was even a bigger joke in the NBA, lasting only one season with Atlanta.
Corchiani would also play overseas in Germany, Turkey, Italy and Spain.

So what the hell happened to Chris Corchiani?  I'm surprised he didn't aspire to become a head coach.  Diminutive white point guards (e.g Brooks, Scott) usually fiend for head coaching jobs.  He used to head up a real estate firm in North Carolina called "Team Corchiani."   More recently, he manages DNJ Gateway Mortgage.

Also of note is his adopted Turkish son, Kevin Totti Corchiani (who's only 13 years younger than Chris, weird).  He's apparently a movie producer and produced a movie called Broken Angel, the story of a girl who comes from Turkey in the 1980s to America.  Sounds incredibly boring.  I guess his American Dad's hoops game didn't turn him on to sports.  Imagine if he had Turkoglu's drive.  He could've become the Chris Corchiani of Turkey, just like Hedo is the Michael Jordan of Turkey.

Addendum 2/18/12: Watch as Corchiani and former Celtic Tom Gugliotta are ejected from an NC State game as spectators.

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  1. Karl Dillinger says:

    Haha, this could be the most random "What the Hell Happened" To post yet!

  2. JR says:

    Loved to watch Fire and Ice. Was surprised that Corchiani actually had a better NBA career than Monroe. Judging by the pic I guess Monroe was two short to play NBA 2 guard.

  3. tb727 says:

    Yeah Monroe was listed at 6'3 and Corchiani 6'0- I think that's generous for both.

    Rodney Monroe= Anderson Hunt

  4. Bohemian says:

    TB, Corchiani and Birdsong were the players I most wanted to know about and you already commented on them :) Awesome!. Chris Corchiani! We really had some sub-par players back then. It's like...Jerry Sichting??

    By the way, is there any hope to see WTH to John Bagley? :P

  5. tb727 says:

    Bohemian Bagley definitely fits the bill of players I tend to target lol. We shall see.

    The best thing about this segment is that there's a limitless amount of guys to choose from. If I ever run out of ex Celtics I can certainly get into around the league lol.

  6. Unknown says:

    Chris Corchiani
    1993-1994, Guard
    NC State, 1991
    Years Pro: 3
    With their third pick in the 1991 draft the Magic selected this guard from N.C. State. Corchiani appeared in 60 games for Orlando before playing a season in Boston. After the NBA, Corchiani took his game overseas where he played for a variety of international teams including Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Germany. Corchiani was recently honored by his alma mater as N.C. State retired his jersey this past November. Now residing in North Carolina, Corchiani is CEO of DNJ Mortgage, LLC, a financial firm he bought after finishing his career as a basketball star.
    Chris Corchiani has four children of his own and one adopted son. His oldest son is a film producer and writer. His oldest biological son is an outstanding basketball player who plays for Broughton High School as a JV point guard he took his team to 27-0, first time in school history. Christopher Corchiani Jr. will be the next Chris Corchiani. Other three are young and very athletic as well. Chris helped NCSU raise millions of dollars to build new Alumni center called "state club" he is one of founder fathers. You have to get your facts straight about Chris Corchiani. We are looking forward to future Corchiani generations who are carrying the fire blood.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ya'll need to see how HOT he looks in 2010! Looks like he needs to come OUT of retirement fo REAL!

  8. Bohemian says:

    Corchiani in green :)


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