First half Thoughts

As I sit here sipping my Ice Coffee from Dunkin Donuts and procrastinating on my grad school reading I can't help but feel a little sad about the state of the Celtics right now.  The end is near for the Big 3 era and I'm just not ready to let them go yet. Whether or not any trades happen in the second half, the fact is next year the Celtics will look like a totally different team.

First of all, I have to admit that I haven't watched as much Celtics games this year as in the past. Somehow Comcast screwed up my order(or maybe I'm just an idiot) and I didn't get League Pass. Anyway, from what I've seen the same old issues the Celtics have always had are happening this year.

We can't rebound at all. Great defense is pointless if you can't grab a rebound.  Garnett and Ray are inconsistent this year and without them performing at a high level all the time we have no chance.  Pierce has come back and played well after a miserable start and he's still an All Star caliber player in this league. Rondo has had a good but not great year and still is struggling with his free throws. It's still a Rondoful world(buy that shirt) and if Boston trades him Danny Ainge is an idiot.

There are a number of positives from the first half. Brandon Bass is the greatest open shot jump shooter since Kurt Thomas and is a huge upgrade over Big Baby. His injury really hurt us(no pun intended). The young guys have played pretty well this year. Avery Bradley is an incredible on the ball defender but he's more of a 2 guard than a point guard. E'Twaun Moore has shown flashes but needs to be more consistent(and get more consistent playing time). Stiemsma had a brief run as the new Scalabrine(there will never be another Scal by the way) but at the end of the day there's a reason he was in the D-League.

Overall it's been a crazy season not just for the Celtics but for everyone. With the compact schedule no one has a chance to practice and you are seeing some sloppy basketball being played. As always injuries have been a huge factor. Losing Rondo, Pierce, and Bass for long periods is too much for this team to overcome.

 I think the Celtics can make a run and get the 5 or 6 seed but I don't think they'll have enough to beat Chicago and Miami. No matter what the result a true Celtics fan stays with the team through thick and thin, so make sure to support the Celtics through what could be a rocky next couple of months.  Go C's.