Sometimes it's about more than just wins and losses

During the last few weeks fans and media alike have questioned whether this was the end of the Big 3 era.  Many have said that the Celtics should "blow it up" and start from scratch. We've even heard whispers about the Celtics potentially shopping Celtics legend Paul Pierce.  It's a tough time for Celtics Nation.

While I agree that the chances at banner 18 this year are slim to none, I think it's too early to blow it up. Also, as JR commented on one of the recent articles, there are not many players we can get equal value for at this time. Unless one of the top contenders has a key contributor go down, I don't see any of them breaking up what they have for Ray, KG, or Pierce.   The last thing we need is to bring in some young mediocre players in to help us win 3-4 games more.

At the end of the day I'm in the sentimental camp. I'd rather cheer on KG, Ray, and Pierce for one more year then watch a bunch of no names with "potential" lead us to a first round exit. Don't you want to see one more year of Ray hitting corner threes? Or KG scowling at everyone and their mother? Or Pierce hitting step back J's?  Sports are about more than wins or losses sometimes. How weird would it be to see Pierce in anything but Green and White? Remember Joe Montana in Kansas City or Michael Jordan in Washington? I feel like that was just wrong.

Look, when we brought these guys on the thinking was we had 3, maybe 4 years with them. This is the 5th year so we are running on borrowed time. During that time we've won a title against the hated Lakers, advanced to another  NBA Finals and lost in 7, and made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs twice. 95% of fan bases anywhere would take that success in a heartbeat. I might be in the minority, but I'd like a chance to see the Big 3 together for one more year no matter what the end result may be.