Comments From the Other Side - Raptors 1/18

Raptors' fans are always good for lots of good comments. Most of them hate the Celtics since Gerald Green's show off dunk way back in the day.    They seem to be more concerned with tanking for a high draft pick these days than hating on the other team, although there are a lot of Raptors' fans would would rather suspend their tanking for a game because they hate the Celtics that much.  We finally have a win and the comments are always more fun after a win.  Enjoy!

I hope we win this one so we don't continue to look like the team that will help you end your losing streak. Plus I'm hoping Boston will dump Rondo to rebuild, and them going on a longer losing stretch would help accomplish that.

Just the team to get those aging Celts back on track. Go us!

I'm at least used to Pierce killing us. It'll hurt to watch Stiemsma and Bass light us up. That said, I'll still be yelling "Stop letting that gopher-faced mother-***** score!" whenever Pierce gets a bucket.

We need this loss to convince Boston they still have a shot at the playoffs.

Hope we win, then Ainge will be forced to blow up the Celtics

Screw the morale. Losing benefits us more in the long-term

I'm completely pro tank, but I'd love to beat the Celtics in Boston. I hate that entire team and city.

So which can we expect more of tonight; moving pick violations or air balls?

I'd say some Moving Air Balls sounds about right

Knocking out KG and getting ejected would be a nice way for Airball to get his old name back.

Hate the Celtics. Must win

I don't ask for many wins this year.... But I really want this one. Badly. I hate the Celtics.

I hate them too but we will loose this game , but don't worry we will start to blow them out next year and beyond . When we do I want to listen to their homer announcers then lol .

I don't mind their announcers at all. I listen to all the American feeds every game I watch and they are very good. My perspective is they have been hired by the team to sell the team to the fanbase. I think the fanbase is a little different in places like Boston and NY

Maybe the whole team will go down and we can forfeit the season.

KG lookin like Larry Holmes; flabby and sick

Wow Rondo was completely out of control there and tripped over his own feet. So it's going to be that kinda game, he Refs.....

Here come the phantom calls...

Wow refs are winning this game

I'm convinced we're leading the league in airballs. Mag's new nickname should be Air Canada.

Raptors play scared... Nobody told them this is not the Celtics of 2006

We had some decent looks, problem is most of our “shooters” can’t actually shoot

Rondo: hey Nunez, can I has foul called on Jose?
Nunez: sure!
Dribble, dribble

How do refs not get murdered in tha nba?

This is such a good game I might stop watching at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. A full quarter ahead of when I normally quit.

I don't care what the other team's records are. We have the worst roster in the league and deserve the #1 pick.

Rondo flops like no other! He drives and jumps away from you acting like he got hit..

Rondo would look GREAT in a Raps uniform next year

So wait, why didn't we get Pietrus again?

We had enough mediocre talent?

Rondo gets a call if he gets breathed on

All I want to see is Andrea get off the bench and punch KG in the face

We need Rondo.

Rondo get's away with so much ish out there it's not even funny.

Seeing Ray Allen curl beyond the 3 point line always gives me nightmares.

Celtics have been coasting so far. Expect more FT's when the decide to change gear.

Nah, this is how they usually play. They're old and tired.

Raptors will win this game, Celtics have had a taste of losing and I think they like it

Boston is still a good team. Their record isn’t good, but only 1 loss came against a bad team (NO). The Rest are NY (which was a fantastic game to watch), Miami, Indy twice, Chicago, Dallas and OKC. Their age may be catching up to them a bit, but they aren’t a team I’d want to meet in the playoffs still

Paul Pierce does not have much left in the tank.

Honestly Ray Allen looks like a young player compared to pierce

Rondo Is unbelievable

Rondo's making me jealous. I miss watching guard talent.

JO's FT form is hilarious. All the motion he goes through before shooting is completely useless, since he locks up and just flicks his wrist on it's own for the release.

That is one tired ass Celtics team. Toronto should out hustle them on everything, there's no way they can go through this 66 game squeeze and then the playoffs too.

Rondo is such a drama queen

Finally a hard foul Good, I hope Rondo is out for the season.

Rondo is an actress. It wasn't that bad

It's like the boy who cried Wolf. Rondo kept pretending like he was fouled when he drove the ball... LK showed him what a foul really feels like.

Bull, rondo's gonna be fine. He took acting lessons with PP

**** Rondo stay hurt.

He might have sprained his wrist as he sat on it but this is nothing bad. He just took acting lessons with pierce

Someone on the Raps is gonna get hurt soon, Garnet's gonna go crazy on someone.

We don't have many small white guys. Especially with Jose on the bench.

If ainge aint going to play Avery, he might as well trade him to us

Tank Commander Kleiza adding a new weapon to his arsenal: the airball

Looking at the +/- Tells the story of the game for the Raptors. The bench’s +/- is much much better than the starters

That's because the Celts have no bench

Remember when we almost had Pietrus but settled for Butler? Rather have MP shooting threes..

We are tanking, butler over pietrus is a tanking move..

Paul Pierce smiling happily. It’s good to know we bring joy to the basketball world

Our goal this season Is to get 51 more losses to get the 1st overall pingpong ball

Hey ... Is there any truth to the rumour that Bargnani wants to be traded Apparently he gave Management a list of teams – 29 to be exact