Russell Westbrook Intentionally Bumps Celtics Ball Boy

This is from last week's game, but I didn't catch this when it happened. I got a couple emails with this video link, so here you go. It's unfortunate that Westbrook is turning into such a jerk. Besides him, that Thunder team is very likable. I know a few of the Celtics aren't exactly loved around the league, but Westbrook just rubs me the wrong way. I was glad to hear that he re-signed with OKC, which put to rest a potential Rondo/Westbrook trade. I'd rather have the pass first point guard with the much less expensive contract than this tool.

I know some people are going to try and come to Westbrook's defense and say he didn't see the ball boy (towel boy, whatever), but that's BS. I don't care if you make $80 million and the ball boy makes $10 an hour. Show some more respect.