Comments From the Other Side - Magic 1/23

 I love gathering these comments when fans start out guaranteeing a win and end up eating crow.   Truthfully, the Celtics surprised me and I'm always expecting a win.   Interesting how Magic fans turned on their team by the end of the game.  Big Baby doesn't have a lot of fans in Orlando right now.   This was a great win for the Celtics. Not bad for a bunch of "old guys and d-leaguers".    And I love Avery Bradley making Jameer beg for mercy LOL.   I know you'll enjoy this version of Comments from the Other Side.....

Bring your wheelchair, Pierce. You're gonna need it.

Garnett is ejected in the 3d quarter for biting a Magic player, we win handily.

#Magic could get a HUGE break tonight vs. #Celtics. Sounds like Rondo, Ray Allen, Keyon Dooling and Chris Wilcox all likely out injured.

Well that's just boring.    Winning against those filthy Celtics won't be as satisfying.
...if we win...

A part of me wants Rondo to play for the simple fact that he seems to be more aggressive on offense (maybe due to the aging of his teammates) and I want to see him try some layups because I know that Dwight would reject a few of them. I love when Dwight rejects people I hate

Celticnation doesn't have much confidence in beating us unless Mrs. Pierce the Drama Queen goes into overdrive.

Anyone else think B Bass and Peaches look AWFUL in Celtic green?

Twitter said Rondo/Allen are most likely not playing tonight .. So no excuse to lose tonight .

Somehow I predict a loss. I can feel it in my loins. But a win would be nice. Actually, a win in which the Magic obliterate Ye Olde Celtics so badly that Heinsohn stumbles out of his seat and dies at mid-court from 62 simultaneous heart attacks would be ideal. But I don't think I'm that lucky.

No Rondo or Allen for them tonight....This may be over already

Schedule time for Celticnation demolition. 7:30PM

Celtics are old and slow and finished. We blow them out. Guaranteed. Even with Rondo and Ray we would blow them out.

Idk about u guys but I don't fear the Celtics at all this year their D and O suck. Wouldn't be surprised if we won by 25+

If we don't win by at least 1 I'm going to be pissed

If Orlando could win by less than one, I would be OK with that

For the love of God, can we stop getting out hustled by these scrubs

This game needs a guest appearance from Rafer Alston to slap someone upside the head Just ‘cause I still don’t like Boston

Maybe Glen will do it when Garnett starts trashtalking him Or Glen will break down into the fetal position in psychological distress. Either way, it would make for riveting television.

This is a guaranteed win Sasha Pavlovic is starting for them

When do the Celtics start trading players?

I'm still pretty ticked we took liggins over e'twaun Moore.

I didn't like Big baby before we got him in trade and he still hasn't changed my mind at all.

Meer is gonna get outplayed by Bradley

Stiemsma picking up fouls on a SF is a fast path for the Cs to have no Centers in this game.

Bass not finishing twice in a row under the rim... Ahh, brings back so many memories.

Really? Because he usually finished those with a massive dunk..things we don't see from Fat Baby.

Daniels looks like a character from Star Wars

Wow, we should be blowing these guys out.

Horrible game for everybody outside of Dwight, we are either dumb or scared of both...and that one of the worst teams in the NBA against us.

Looks like BBD is playing for the Celtics...again...but in our uni

Lol we're going to lose to a d-league team with KG and Paul Peirce

Glen Davis 0-4...thanks for that one, Otis.

Their bigs are KG, Fish Out Of The Paint, and the shambling corpse of Jermaine O’Neal

Tom Heinsohn sounds like he hasn't stopped drinking since the Patriots game.

Outside Dwight, Magic look terrible tonight.

Having old men hack at you does that...

Garnett is feasting on Glen, unfortunately I think he wants to pad his block stats

Who would you rather have shoot the final shot; Earl Clark or Larry Hughes?

Don't do this to me I just got angry thinking about it.

Earl Clark IS Brandon Bass minus 30 pounds and a mid-range jumper.

I nominate Sasha Pavlovic for today's random white guy that we don't know about but is actually pretty good

Please don't be the first team over .500 to lose against these semi-retired guys.

We will lose to pathetic Celtics should be running this Geritol team outta the gym wtf

We are getting beat by pierce's corpse and bass.

The fouls are racking up on Cs bigs. The second half could get ugly for the Green ones.

Who is this Bass guy on Boston? We should try to get him this summer.

Were a bunch of scrubs!

We look like the "old" team

Jameer is getting clowned by this Avery Bradley loser. Lolololololol.

I HATE Paul Pierce.

Say what u want about pierce but he is a winner.

Say what u want about pierce but he is a whiner and flopper.

Id take that whiner over any of our guys other than Dwight.

Lol why am I not surprised... Of course this team would allow a broken down declining Celtics team to beat us

At least we are giving Boston fans something to cheer about for the first time this season.

Otis likes this team? A team that gets clowned by d leagers and 2 corpses .

Nice to see we still turn into Lil poodles when we play the Celtics.

Look at Brandons numbers. Nice trade Otis. Awsome.. "OMG Brandon's a black hole on offense"...well. Brandon Bass>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fat ass Davis all day long. I'll take his points and his penchant for missing the occasional rotation for what that overweight freak anyday of the week.

Lets just go home, or Indiana, or wherever...lets croll somewhere to die

Sasha Pavlovic is the worst player in the NBA. Way to get clowned by this guy, though.

Boston is getting away with murder as usual.

We are poddles. We arent tough enough to handle physical play. Sad that a geriatic 6-10 Boston team has more heart than we do.

Amazing... They T'd Dwight for removing O'Neal's finger from his eye! **** YOU NBA!

I hope Jermain Oneal tears both his ACL's and has to be wheeled out in Paul Pierce's wheel chair.

Why do we look like scrubs agianst the Celts?

Floppers.......    It's the whole reason I hate Boston more than any team in the league

Greg Stiesma is the whitest white guy in the league

Whitest white guy in the league gets a block

Brandon Bass looks like an all-nba candidate

Stiesma is the only one not getting a break from the officials.

He's so white it's like he has a spotlight on him. That doesn’t help.

THe officials are probably not realizing he has a white jersey on So therefore he isn’t allowed to mug the Magic.

Celtics look terrible But the magic look worse

Stop talking about the Magic “waking up”. This Magic performane isn’t sleepwalking, this is zombie-ism.

Boston announcers Are almost as bad as their fans

The Celtics are playing the best defense on the Magic I have seen this year. That Bass trade is looking pretty bad right about now. Big baby just looks too overweight.

Blaming the refs at all when we have 46 points in the 4th quarter is ludicrous.

Not really, Oneal should of been ejected for his finger in Howard's face because he didn't like the bump... That's ludicrous?
What about the constant reaching in and slapping that gets ignored... That's ludicrous?

Ok so what you're saying is reach ins and Jermaine O'Neal putting his finger in Dwight's face is what accounts for a 25 point discrepancy and 51 points scored in the middle of the 4th?

Nope ... That would be due to the 24% shooting... Anything else you need answered?

No excuses we just got our azzz kicked flat out with 3 days rest and Boston played last nite

I like Bradly, he is a solid defender. I give him his due.

Steisma might have Oden beat for oldest looking 20-somethings year old in the NBA.

Jameer looks like the one who needs a wheelchair

Bass killing Baby.

Its ok, hes only making $22million less

LMAO we cant even beat Boston with half their team missing. Hahahaha we suck.

Only thing worse than watching the magic lose to Boston: watching the magic lose to Boston with tommy heinsohn commentating.

Dwight was humillated by KG there...

I can't stand Garnett

Let's trade Dwight, Ryan Anderson, and Jameer for Avery Bradley

They're not winning this, we're just losing it, and doing it in a way like I have never seen.

The worst part about it. The Celtics don't even look good out there, we just look worse.

I understand having an off night, but to an old team that is missing it's best two players, it is unacceptable to be getting BEAT DOWN.

NBA offense is about post ups and dribble penetration. We have very little of both. We have Dwight and a bunch of Jason Kaponos.

Daniel Orton might be the worst player on any roster in the NBA. We're are losing by 30 and he still can't get in the game.

This is officially the worst game in Magic history. We should just forfeit the whole season because of this.

I am disgusted to be a suporter of this patethic soft weak team. This I will never forget.

Anybody else watch Bradleys interview on NBA TV. He said Jameer kept telling him to not pressure him and he said that it seemed like Jameer did not want to bring the ball up. Why would u say that to a player guarding you???? OMG

What the hell is that Jameer?! You gonna let Avery friggin Bradley get into your head. Hire are you gonna tell an opposing player to stop covering you so close?! What the hell?! That is called DEFENSE…it actually exists, Jameer. You should try to learn it

Otis you need to move Jameer even if it's for some fries and nuggets. That's the last straw. I can't defend a player who begs for mercy.

Goodbye, time to remove my Magic License plate.