Obama Hates Celtics Point Guards

First President Obama embarrasses Rajon Rondo with the free throw joke, which according to Shaq (according to KG) messed with his head and caused Rondo to struggle down the stretch last season. Now the Celtics other point guard from last season Delonte West has been "banned" from the White House.
President Barack Obama is beginning the week by hosting the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks at the White House.

But Delonte West, signed by the Mavs prior to this season, was going to miss the visit for what was believed to be a failed criminal background check by the White House, according to the team.
Delonte is saying he was banned. The White House is denying it. In case you are wondering, yes even players who weren't on the literal Championship roster customarily participate in the White House visit.

Just admit it Mr. President, you're a Bulls fan and you still can't get over that classic 2009 playoff series between Chicago and Boston. Current Celtics and former Celtics, count your lucky stars if you're even allowed on an airplane from now on. And based on the trend, Keyon Dooling you will most likely be the next target.

My suggestion: Allow Delonte to attend with the rest of the Mavs. Just include a little more security (especially around Michelle Obama).