Mickael Pietrus Plans to Make Debut as a Celtic Against Dallas on Wednesday

"I won't need to bring these gloves since KG and I are on the same team now"
According to the Boston Globe:
Mikael Pietrus plans to make his Celtic debut against Dallas Wednesday. Pietrus, recovering from knee surgery, participated in his first full-scale practice with the team Monday.

"I went through my first practice and It’s good to be a Celtic," Pietrus said. "I think I’ll be ready on Wednesday -- no pain, and I said I would be ready in two weeks,

"It feels good. I mean, look around, so many banners. So, I’m in a great spot and just try to work hard and be ready to go on Wednesday.I haven’t played for eight months -- but, defensively, you can always help your team to do those things to be a great team."