Comments From the Other Side - Pacers 1/14

 Another game, another loss.  It's not all that much fun to go through the opposing team's comments when we lose.   I have to hand it to Pacers fans they aren't near as hateful as some other fan bases like the Bulls.  But, sad to see teams writing off the Celtics as old and no longer a threat.  Hopefully by the time we play them again, the Celtics will have their act together and prove that they still have it.  

I think if we can lay the hammer down early it could be an easy win. If we let them hang around I think we lose the game. The Celtics are old, but there are still 3 hall of famers on the team along with past and present all stars. They know how to win close games.

The Celtics have lost 5 of 6 when Rondo attempts more than 10 shots, and has taken 8 or less in all the Celtics wins.

Better get Rondo under control early.

It's gonna be a little different with pietrus playing for then tonight

Heard pierce is almost 100%. Hope granger is ready and breaks out of that ugly slump

Boston have literally come up with 100% of loose balls And have gotten literally 100% of the calls go their way.

They need to show up and run the Celtics' elderly ***** all night.

That's one way to deal with Allen, make him D up on the other end.

A lot of Celtic fans in the fieldhouse tonight

I remember when I wanted Pietrus ........

One of the most overrated non Pacers ever on PD. A chucker and overrated defender that looked good on weak Golden State team. Never played the same since leaving GS.

Woo! Rondo could play for New England. Did you see his open court tackling? Good, fundamental hit.

Roy jumped for the board! Nice put back.

I know, he got so high that you could have slipped a 50 page book under him!

Good to see E’Twaun Moore.

Roy's shooting under 40%. You’d like to see him start abusing JO a bit more, since it’s such an easy match-up for him.

Certainly looks like one Boston team will win tonight Maybe two?
The point is…it’s all right with me as long as the Celtics are the ones on the losing end.

KG was mad at the backboard or something. WTF, man? Lol

Damn; we should be up 20+ Boston is bad

NICE BLOCK ROY!! Haha on the replay , after he blocked KG, I read his lips ..
He said "GET THAT Sh__ outta here"

I'm surprised Roy didn't get a T for saying something after that block... Incidentally I thought he fouled Garnett pushing him with his left hand.

So Hibbert blocking Garnet and yelling "Get that **** outta here!" in his direction is not taunting but what Danny did was? Oooook, refs.

So we are officially better than the Celtics.

JO is looking winded.

Wonder if west is happy to choose indy over Boston

I was going to say I feel bad for Boston fans but then the Pats are beating Tebow 14-0 after a quarter. Still, they just look old, and like they're okay with it.

Is it me, or does Smegma look like one of the default white guy templates in NBA2k12 ?

The Celtics have lost their killer instinct. It's rebuilding time for them.

The Celtics are too old to contend anymore.

Can we play Boston every game? We are playing better against them than we were against the Raptors.

That's what is going to win in the condensed season: young players with fresh legs. Collison & George can outplay old guys like the Celtics just because they can manage back-to-backs.

I wonder what Mr. Allen thinks of this terrible, money-throwing team now.

Boston looks done.

I don't think that beating them even counts for much anymore. They looked bad