Comments From the Other Side - Nets 1/4

Nets fans are pretty much resigned to be terrible this season.   You have to feel for a fan base that doesn't want the first pick in the draft because "he'll just get injured."  In the midst of all the losing they are all very high on MarShon Brooks and at least have his good play to be happy about.    Enjoy today's Comments from the Nets fans.... There are some good ones....

Watching the Nets play will impair anyone's ability to think straight.

Greg Stiemesma is going to destroy the Nets...

Is he the new Scalabrine?

How dare you compare anyone to the White Mamba! He's the newest scrub on the Celtics, not Scalabrine.

He isn't scrub. He is 2nd best shot blocker in the league

We should let Stevenson chase RayRay around all night.He'll be in game shape by halftime.

Deron's out tonight. Tank tank tank

Our starting 5 against Boston is hilarious and depressing.

Brooks had a better supporting cast in Providence.

Awesome... This sums it up

I have a feeling this game will be closer than people think. Something like 104-72

Key Matchup: Okur vs O'neal The battle of sloths

We Lose because of Rajon Rondo.. He's Goin to destroy us

No Ray Allen!!! Replaced by Dooling.. Ha!

Now we have a chance... To not lose by 40!

Someone should tell petro to pinch kgs butt… Kg would get really pissd off…. BRAWL….kg and petro get thrown out of the game. Petro finally earns his contact.

The Boston cheerleaders are probably more athletic than most of the Nets.

Nets could win this if they play like they want it, Celtics are old...Nets are young they have more energy and speed

How many assists will rondo have tonight with gaines and farmar guarding him? i’m guessing 17

Come on man. He isn’t going to have to play in the 2nd half. :p

Nets Will win got a weird feeling , or am I on crack

We both know crack isn't strong enough to make someone think the Nets will win this.

Do any Net fans realize that if that if Avery really had any sort of defensive scheme, Nets would actually have a chance to win tonight?

We should captalize Boston's slow start...

Shelden William sucks

Were missing our 3 best players and at least we're competing

We still have almost 3 quarters left. There's still time to get blown out lol.

Hate the fact Rondo et al are basically disrespecting the Nets, we know your the better team, just play properly and beat us. The fact they are messing around being cocky is keeping the game close.

Legit ROY contender this year. Marshon is a stud. People, are watching the birth of a star here

Boston fans are mad they traded Marshon

How does shelden Williams manage to bleed in every game?
I feel like he is pulling some WWE ish and cutting himself to make it look like hes working hard out there

Celtics look terrible How aren’t they up by 10 yet with this lineup?

Old team.

A 30 year old team out running us LMFAO

Celtics just playing around until the 3rd quarter when they wanna take the night off early and blow them out the building back to Newark

Celtics playing down toour level so far

Celtics bench is awful

Celtics are old

LOL How are we down by 1? The Celtics are playing down to us.

SHh... Don’t remind them

Why is Boston sucking?

For once a team with a worse bench than us lol

Stevenson dribbles like a caveman

Why is Morrow never run through screens

Homeless man's ray Allen

Shawne Williams is shooting 7% from three. Great stats for a knock down shooter

Paul pierce is back in We are going to get scorched

Pierce is overrated

Celtics announcers: You're letting THIS team do this to YOU, in YOUR building.

That's fair enough. Man, I'd be spewing if I was a Celtics fan. Particularly given they practically gave us Brooks.

I completely agree though, just like Rondo's we skill dribble showing off, they arent taking us seriously

Damn Pierce with a weak BS flop. I really hate that dude...

Boston has some of the worst announcers in all sports
Sarcastic homerism is their shtick but they are serious 200% of the time

Note to Otis BASS >>>>>>>>>> DAVIS

We have a lead it's a miracle

Marshon should be untouchable even if it's for Dwight!!

I hate this Boston broadcast
The old guy talks like hes Red Auerbach and has won 22 titles and he always sounds like he wants to say the N word

Pierce has the most feminine basketball game I've ever seen.

Pierce is so funny with the flops

Paul pierce needs to go on a diet

Its like the Celtics were playing with us in the first.There thinking(lets see how close the game will be if we don't try at all). Then in the second they are like ok we had our fun lets try now.

LOL The Celtics are playing Brooks like he's Kobe Double and triple teams on every touch

The flop artist strikes again Can’t stand Paul Pierce for the simple fact that he is the biggest flop in the game.

Rondo is the epitome of a stat padder.

Bass doesn't miss.

They know their roles Look at KG he has that jumper, so does bass and the other scrubs.

Geez, this is depressing! I feel like Celtics haven’t missed a shot this half!

5 starters hurt, when it rains it pours….but for the nets, it’s a monsoon

what's the point of getting the first pick if he's just gonna get injured

Do they have pickup games at the Hackensack Medical Center? Our guys would go undefeated.

There's No Crying in Basketball ...Until Tonight

Other teams must be very thankfull to the nets.
In a shortened season with limiitted practices they provide a much needed scrimmage.

Knicks lose second straight game at home to a non playoff team...
This after paying 2 players 20 million each anually and another 15 million anually…

i’m glad i’m a nets fan

FYI Knick only have one more win then us LOL and they are actually trying to win

Avery said KG disrupted a lot of our offence???? What offence was there to disrupt?