Comments From the Other Side - Bulls 1/13

Well, that could have gone better.  Bulls fans sure got nervous when the Celtics were making their 3rd quarter run.  Shows me that they aren't quite as sure about their team as they might want us to think.   There is so much talk about the Celtics being old but the team as a whole isn't that old.   Bulls fans seem to have an over the top amount of hate for Rondo and KG.  They also have a lot of Ray envy.   I really hope that the Celtics have pulled it together by the time they play again and give them a nice surprise.  I can't tell you to enjoy these comments.  Endure them might be a better word.......

I hope Garnett will talk trash to Noah and wake him and his energy up

Boston isn't good anymore

Garnett is the biggest douchebag in the league. His unadulterated douchyness is greater than the Miami Big 3 combined. And it's not even close. He's turned himself into nothing but a punk bully and I can't say that I don't enjoy watching him and his team lose. No idea why an all-time great like KG can't muster up the slightest bit of class.

Time to end Boston for good, soon enough they'll be the Celtics I watched growing up, not very good!

If Noah can't put up a double double against Boston's geriatric front line then there is a major problem.

Rose back means Rondo is getting ****Ed up.

Hope RIP plays, watching him and Ray Allen chase each other would be like an old men race

Rose will say he's 100% when he's actually 80% He'd probably say he was 100% during his autopsy.

Need Rose to play in this one and embarrass Rondo

Need to drop the hammer tonight. Show Boston they're over the hill. This is rose's playground.

A pic from the Celtics Shootaround today: KG vs Ray Allen

**** Rondo. He's so overrated.

Pierce didn't get a call And luol did. Things are a changin.

Pierce is just chubby right now

Nice. Bulls are getting out and running. Punish the aging Celts. See if those old legs can keep up.

I **** love being better than the Celtics.

Celtics look old. I almost feel bad for them, though I hate KG so much. I'd wish it was the Celtics we'd be battling the East for and not the Heat.

Ah well, the Celtics windows seems to have closed shut. They need to just trade their players and start fresh. Ray Allen to the Bulls?! Now that would be sweet.

Rondo is a little bitch.

Rondo with 2 flops in 1 minute. Refs give him one of em. 50% clip of getting flop calls right aint bad for NBA refs...

Boozer gets legitimately hacked...Rondo gets nothing, but gets the call

Rondo is not an elite PG.

Celtics have never recovered from the Perkins trade. Plus they got old... Fast.

It makes me sad seeing Pierce and KG decline. Boston is the rival I really like. I mean, I hate them, but I actually like them. It's sad to see them not being awesome. So I really hope they go on a tear with Pierce and KG picking it up.

Rondo gets blown past every time because he reaches in.

Celtics look old as ****.

Rondo is lame...

It seems like Ronda gets every ****ing call for Flopping.

Ok the refs are going to do their BEST in giving the game to Boston...

Garnett hasn't even been in the post, it's like they're not trying...

This is beautiful Boos from the beantown crowd

You check the replay and rose didn't even lunge forward to rondo. That freak just snapped his head back and he gets FTs

Rondo is Winning Best Supporting ACTRESS at the Oscars.

Ronda is one player I truly hate with a passion and want to see get hurt.

Ronso is absolutely hateful, isn't he? Refs bailing out the Celtics. Why am I not surprised?

Ronda has the most punchable looking face in the planet. Guy acts like a bitch too which makes it worse.

Ray Allen can play this game until he is 50 years old. God dammit Jesus is a beast.

Celtics are flopping babies

Imagine if we had Ray Allen..

Ray Allen, much respect to you.

Paul Pierce and KG are done. They look old, slow, and totally worn down. They've had great careers (KG is a first ballot HOF) but they are finished. Ray Allen, amazingly, still has it. He's definitely a freak but the other two are done.

We would be unstoppable with Ray Allen

Ray Allen has the prettiest jumper. It is impossible to hate that man.

Ray Allen has chosen to tie his fortunes to KG, who is one of the most unlikable people I am aware of. Hard to respect that too much.

It's gonna take a lot for the old and slow Celtics to come back against us. We're too young, too talented, too well coached, and just too good. We're a much better team than Boston is.

Punch Rondo in the mouth.

I hate that ***** Rondo. I love beating the Celtics because I hate Rondo and KG

I would so love Allen in a Bulls uni.

Seriously Ray Allen is completely amazing.

Just realized my sincere wish for the regular season. Please Lord: Bulls 1st seed, Celtics 8th seed.

How long before Boston fans completely lose interest in the game and start chanting for Scalabrine?

Ray Allen should be with the Bulls right now. However, he was either delusional, excessively-loyal, or both. He could not stop himself from running to the warm embrace of a Doc Rivers, and now he will pay the price with a wasted year in his career. I actually think that there is a decent chance that Allen is on the Bulls eventually - it makes too much sense.

Pierce is not done. He has just been injured so this is like his training camp. He will come around eventually. KG on the other hand has been done for the past 2 years.

When is Garnett going to start barking?

I really hate Rondo

Poor Ronda running his azz off just to realize his nursing home can't keep up.

Jermaine O'Neil is still alive? Who knew.

The Celtics run is coming, and it's going to annoy me.

Lol refs trying to let them back in.

How are the Bulls letting this team of geriatric thug smugglers make a run at them?

Hilarious to see anyone wearing white and green complaining about a call.

85 year old O'neal is out jumping Noah.

Wow Ronda is such a little punk. Tryin too hard to force fouls and just straight up dirty plays. I think hes scared of Rose.

Rondo is just schooling Rose right now.

The way Rondo plays basketball is just pathetic. Just run into a crowd and fall down.

Jermaine is technically invalid. How the heck he scored?

How many times do I have to say this: THIBS CANNOT COACH OFFENSE.

This is embarrassing. Giving hope to a pathetic organization that tolerates lowlifes such as KG and Rondo?!

No way the geriatric Celtics can keep up

Rondo is going to cry so hard in his pillow tonight.. He will shed his human form and eat a kitten

If one were to somehow acquire a copy of the Boston Celtics' playbook, would every fifth page be dedicated to different ways of whining about calls?

Can the Celtics not flop after every contact?

Pierce's 78 year old legs gave out

I hate KG, just a *****. I wish someone would just blindly run into him kneeing him in the gut.

Pierce is horrible now.

Its amazing how quickly NBA players can decline. One year they are playing in the Finals are two seasons later they'll barely make the playoffs. God, I hope we get them in Round 1 so we can give them the ass kicking that we owe them.

ROFL! Scal is in!

Enjoy Scalibrine Boston.

Loving that the Celt fans highlight of the night is getting a minute of gametime to cheer for Scalabrine.

Classy move by Thibs let Boston reminisce about the White Mamba's glory days.

It is over for Boston, they are no longer a serious elite team. They can start writing their three Hall of Fame speeches now.