Dwight Howard Will Never Play For The Celtics

I don't care about tradition.
There's a pipe dream going around Celtics Nation, that all of our problems will be solved with the arrival of Dwight Howard. There's only one problem with this. Dwight Howard will neither accept a trade to Boston nor will sign with the Celtics. He has said he'll only accept a trade to the Lakers, Mavs, or Nets. If he doesn't receive a trade to one of those places, he can simply sign outright in Dallas or Brooklyn in the Summer.

The Warriors recently made a play for Howard, but were informed that Howard has no interest in making the Bay Area his home. Same thing happened when the Hawks expressed interest. There's a reason that Danny tried to trade for Chris Paul and we haven't heard rumors of his interest in Howard. It's because any interest would be dead on arrival. Howard won't sign as a free agent in Boston and if the Celtics traded Rondo and picks for him (which would be the absolute minimum Orlando would accept) there is no way that he stays in Boston past this Spring with no other talent around him.

Howard wants 4 things: He wants to be on a team with another star, he wants to be in a large media market, he wants to play in a warm climate, and he wants to get paid max dollars. The Celtics can offer only 1! Rondo is a star, but if Howard signed with Boston as a free agent, he doesn't get max dollars (as he would if he is traded in the next 2 months). If the Celtics trade for Howard in the next 2 months, Howard can get max dollars, but then there's no Rondo. So Howard only gets 1 of his 4 demands in Boston. Not happening. 

I mean Orlando could offer a max contract and warm weather, so he could have 2 of his demands just remaining there. The Mavs and Lakers offer all 4 requirements, while the soon to be Brooklyn Nets offer 3 of 4, but to make up for the weather New York is the media capital of the world. Howard is not coming to Boston. Sorry, but the sooner Celtics fans realize this and start thinking of more realistic rebuilding options, the better we will all be.