Comments From the Other Side - Pistons 12/30

It sure was good to get a win in this one and just as good to see the Captain back on the court.  There's no use criticizing the Pistons, their fans seem to do enough of that.  I feel bad for them because I've been there as a Celtics fan.  Most remember their championship teams and now are hitting bottom.   Some fun comments. Of course there are the recurring Boston is old and Pierce wheelchair comments.    I hope you enjoy this first winning edition of Comments from the Other Side......

Pistons 1st win. Boston is too old

If Pierce is out I think Boston wins in a close game. If Pierce plays I think Boston wins big. KG is going to look 10 years younger tonight.

This is Bostons last shot this year, I felt like they were too old LAST year

The ghost of Brian Scalabrine will lead the Celtics to a victory. Seriously though Boston will beat us whether Pierce plays or not.

We're going to get destroyed

Pistons seem to always play very good against the Celtics

Pierce is playing. Might be awhile before the Pistons get a win.

A struggling Boston team gets us to take their frustrations out on. I would be surprised if this one is close.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we win this one. Boston looks bad this year.

I preddict Bass dropping a 30/20 on us and Jermaine O'Neal will look like a good Center...

Brandon Bass lit us up last year, I'd expect more of the same. We have an uncanny ability to let backup bigs drub us for career highs.

The exciting thing about this game is if we win Boston is going to be psychologically damaged, given our reputation and their 0-3 start.

Can the Pistons stay within 30?

For the first 5 minutes maybe.

Rivers said Pierce will be in the starting lineup.

I hear they'll be wheeling him out.

Boston are 0-3 and look very old. Could the young upstart Pistons extend it to 4? Here's hoping!

it's because Boston is 0-3 that I believe the Pistons will be paying a visit to Uncle Beatdown tomorrow night Is it possible for Garbage Time to start in the 1st quarter of a NBA game???

Is Charlie back for this one?

No 4 game suspension

Charlie is our enforcer. I'm worried that with all the trash talking and shoving that KG does, we are really going to miss our enforcer.

Don't think for a second that the League didn't plan this to guarantee a Celtic win

I wish CV was playing tonight so he could scuffle with Garnett some more and get suspended for more games.

NBA Suspensions: The Cure for Cancer.

They are the worst announcers in the league by far. Tommy heinsohn is an absolute joke. They unbearable to listen to.

Wow, we're actually playing good.

Offense looks crisp. Frank clearly knows how to attack this D and coached them up.

I'm learning all kinds of things about the pistons from the Boston announcers. Did you know Monroe is a "shot blocker"?

Easily the best quarter they have played this year.

Looks like Frank has been putting some work in

Yeah we've definitely improved each game. We still suck though.

We are a horrible defensive team. Maybe top 5 worst.

We're arguably a worse offensive team.

Austin daye is SOOOOOO weak. Pushed all they way to the 3 point line.

By a guard named sasha, at that.

Is BG in the doghouse or something???

He is not good at the game of Basketball.

Moose is ABUSING this white BOY

I know it's only Steisma(sp?), but it's fantastic to see Greg look confident in the post.

These refs blow

Lol @ JO landing on Tayshaun and not bothering to get off of him...

Flagrant 2 if that was Pierce.

Too ba the Boston PA guy wasn’t amnesty’d this offseason. Dude is turrible.

Marquis Daniels must buy very large headbands.

Brandon bass makes me hate the Celtics less…big baby was so much easier to hate

Heinsohn Rambling On…about Dumars signing BG and CV to $90M in contracts. Rambling on so much, he forgot to whine about Rondo’s offfensive foul.

It’s about time the refs called Jermaine O’Neal for the pushing he’s been doing all game long.

Our timeouts have led to Celtics runs More than stopping the bleeding

We have collective hemophilia

Listening to the Celtics broadcasters is like listening to nails on a chalkboard.
No one should ever have to put up with that torture.

Pistons.... The team that makes players like Jermaine f’ng Oneal look like an all star again

Why is stuckey on the team? Oh yea dumars resigned him as an 8 million dollar man

Stuckey is 1-10?

Yes. But it was a really awesome one. Well worth a hundred thousand dollars a game over the next three years

This is pathetic. Being abused by Bass and Jermaine O'Neal, can it get any worse?

We are a defensive, and general, embarrassment to basketball

Hope stern doesn't screw us in the lottery

I don't mind losing so we can get a good pick but I hate getting lit up by scrubs like Oneal and Bass.

Its a pity we let Wilcox go, he would be our 2nd best big by far, he played well with Monroe. Signed for the minimum with the Celtics and is not even in the rotation.

Yup, We are the worst team in the league. There's no doubt. 3 blowout losses to 3 average-below average teams.

Ray Allen is the definition of a flopper. He has flopped like 3-4 times in this game.

So Doc River puts Celtics starters back in the game so he can stick it to Frank right? I mean Boston is struggling defensively this season. He wants to drop 100 on Frank so he can tell his players - "See Lawrence wasn't what made this defense good". Sure feels like a statement to me.
Kind of an F-U to Frank

What's Really Scary Is that the Celts really look like they suck.

That should have been a foul. Goofy white dude flies into him, they don’t call the foul because he’s Boston’s Little Guy.

I wish Boston still had big baby..bass is killing us

Seriously, for Ben Gordon.

I actually don't think Daye played too badly today.

Yeah he did amazing, got abused by PP big time on defense and got abused by the might Sasha Pavlovic on offense.

that's 2 travels the refs don't call on Bynum They too just want this to be over

Jermaine O'neal>Us

I hate Boston's commentators, they just come across as snotty

This team is teeeeeeeeeeerrrible I wanna see knight Gordon jerebko macklin monroe starting next game, the official "tank season lineup"

How could you have a tank season lineup without god like stuckey!

If you don't count the third quarter ... We win!