Comments From the Other Side - Heat 12/27

As always, the comments are not quite as much fun when we lose, but there are some fun ones. It's interesting when the Heat fans are mentioning how many bad calls are going against the Celtics. That's when you know the officiating is REALLY bad.  Enjoy today's comments in spite of the loss...

Time to beat these Boston crumb-bums into the retirement home. We need to remind them that their legs only got older during the lockoutand that we're now the high-water mark in the conference. Our Big3 will smite their Big4. The season of redemption is only starting. Glad we're us and not them.

I'd really like to see us run these ****ers off the court.

I hope Paul Pierce plays I wanna really face the Boston Celtics .. Even though seeing LeBron **** on Sasha will make me laugh lol

After my team lost its first 2 games I've decided to become a Heat fan (from a Laker fan)

I'm very excited to see how Cole plays on Rondo.

In before rondo triple double

Raptors fan/ Bosh fan here. I will be joining the game chat with you heat fans. Good luckI hate the Celtics

I'm not afraid of Boston actually I am thinking another blowout. Boston cant keep up with us especially with our new offense.

I hope our guys don't have to play too much let's go to our bench early after the first 20pt lead.

Rondo's jumper looked really good yesterday. When that team is fully healthy and if rondo can hit that jumper consistently they will be good. Tho KG looks about on his last legs.

Run run run on these old farts and then run some more

Oh look taking a shot at our crowd for arriving late. Just love national broadcast games.

Easy on the analists guys. Everybody hates the Heat so for them to be cool with almost every other fans they just have to say some stupid things about the Heat. It's just that simple.

Damn KG is nasty


Two fouls on Piece of **** Jermaine

2 fouls on Piece of **** pavlovic..... I wish he would stay in the game.

Really wish Bosh would stop doing that thing with his tongue its really sick.


LOL....2 on Daniels now....whos gunna come in now??

Not that I mind the fouls...but I kinda want to see these guys play

LOL I can hear it now"Heat have Le-refs".

Rondo is turning into a damn diva

Rondo is the only person active in transition for the Celtics

Sorry Doc if Miami wasn't making mistakes we'd be up bigger

Norris Cole... The Rondo stopper.

Rondo was afraid of Wade LOL

That Rondo airball was hilarious awesome decision by dwade to just stand his ground like that scared him ****

Not to be Debby downer but rondo is getting by Cole.

Wade is abusing the Boston oldies.. Straight out criminal abuse

Wade clearley fouled Allen.. But no call..

Daniels foul? Refs are helping us too much.

Wow Ray is still a beast.

Honestly Ray Allen is so freaking good.... Its awesome to watch....

I like how lebron is playing more like Larry bird in the half court instead of being point guard.

Allen is so retardedly good at threes

It sucks because Ray Allen always has these types of games against us. It doesn't matter how well we defend him he just gets insanely hot.

Ray Allen is never off against us. I hate it. He has 17 points. 4/5 from 3ugh

Ray Allen and Jamal Crawford would be on my radar if I was the bulls There just heat killers

Can someone explain to me why you would go for a pump fake on Rajon Freaking Rondo...

Whats going on with rondo getting the Jordan treatment from the refs?

Mario is such a bonehead. He has bonesin his head.

2 bone head plays1 good play1 bone head play. Mario = Antoine Walker?

Guess the heat didn't bother practicing for the zone.

With Spo who knows.

Dooling has been money from 3 all game yet they keep leaving him alone

I'd rather have JJ playing out of position at power forward than Juwan Howard's corpse.

I'm just speechless over how Lebron plays so bad some times.

Good thing Celtics can't play zone defense for long

Punk ass Garnett you better back away

Yeah he realized it was Dwyane Wade and not a small European player.

Lol wtf Bosh never misses two free throws.. Weird

Ball don't lie LOL Tends to happen when you don't deserve em

Damn I swear I cringe every time Allen shoots.

Ray Allen gives me nightmares.

Even that scrub Dooling is like 3 for 3

Damn refs have **** up some calls against the Celtics tonight (real talk)

There been very bad calls going for Miami.

Hate to say it but without the refs right now we'd be in trouble. We can't hold an f'ing lead!

F*** Dooling and his scrub ways!

What's sad is Pierce isn't even in this.

Doc > Spo any day of the week twice on Sunday

I don't feel good about this game anymore.

Without Cole we lose this game

**** the big 3build around Cole

Norris Cole >>>> LBJ

Cole World! Kid is a gem. He has erased rondo.

"If Norris Cole is not considered a MVP candidate I don't know what he has to do"

2nd career game and he's getting MVP chants.

Norris Cole after the game

Breaking news heat and (blank) have reached an agreement
Heat trade Mario Chalmers
(blank) trade future 2nd round picks

Well we learned that Boston is still tough as ****

Credit the Celtics though they are a hell of a team to play defense that well although I don't think they could have played better at all with or without Pierce we are just better.

Too many 3's given upI know it's Ray Allen but CMON. Dooling?

I don't want to be a party pooper but this wasn't a great win. They were giving away a lead it was a Finals flashback and what's sad is LBJ and Wade couldn't do anything in the 4th. I wouldn't be surprised if the 4th quarter jokes come up again about LeBron. Sigh.
And Pierce wasn't even in this game.