Rondo Practicing with Thunder; Don't get any Ideas OKC!

So Oklahoma City center Nazr Mohammed has organized team workouts at his alma mater Kentucky. But the workouts are not limited to just Thunder players. Rajon Rondo and his buddy Josh Smith are also practicing with the group. All I have to say is don't get any ideas Sam Presti. Yes it would be smart for you to trade Serge Ibaka for Josh Smith and Russell Westbrook for Rajon Rondo, but we're not having it. We don't want no stinkin' Westbrook! 

I'll admit a Rondo, Harden, Durant, Smith, Perkins starting 5 would be sick though. Presti, how about you trade us Durant and Perkins? Fine, fine, fine. you can have Jeff Green back in the trade.

Another interesting tidbit is that Celtics first rounder JaJaun Johnson is also practicing with the group. Wise move on Johnson's part. You could end up being the beneficiary of many a Rajon Rondo alley-oops.

So what do you think of Celtics Rondo and Johnson practicing with the Thunder?

Credit to Celtics Town for the original find.