Owners Decide Not to Budge, Games to Be Cancelled

The owners and players met on Tuesday for several hours and came away sounding less optimistic about a deal than they did last week.

Billy Hunter said that there was no progress, with the owners declining to compromise from their position. He also said that no new meetings are scheduled.

"We've advised (players) they may have to sit out half the season before we get a deal," said Hunter.
Well earlier today I wrote that today was a pivotal day and depending on the approach that the owners took, we'd either be on our way to having a season or games would be cancelled. The owners decided after thinking it over this weekend to say, "Screw the fans, we're not budging. Either the players accept our bend over and take it offer or there will be no season." Owners are refusing to negotiate. And whatever optimism that arose last week is now gone.