Afternoon Delight: Rondo v Rose

Rondo v Rose
This time last year, me and a buddy got into an argument about who is the better PG, Rajon Rondo or Derrick Rose. Me being somewhat bias (okay...very bias), had to backup our boy #9.
My friend tends to follow the flashy, very athletic players (he's a big Kobe fan >=|) whereas I like the hard working team players. His main point was that Rose can guard Rondo better than Rondo can guard him. My counter argument was that Rondo isn't nearly as good of a scorer which makes Rose look like the better defender. He points out that Rose is the most dynamic scoring point guard in the league. I concur and state that Rondo facilitates his team's offense better than Rose does through ball distribution. Either way, this convinced me to research their head to head match-ups.

My (attempt at an unbiased) Conclusion:
If you want someone who will sellout season tickets and merchandise, score and be flashy... go with the better shooting Rose.

If you want a more well rounded, traditional PG that will fill up the entire stat sheet... go with Rondo (as long as Obama isn't criticizing him, that is).