What is Rick Bucher talking about?

Saw this quote from Rick Bucher on ESPN Boston regarding a landing spot for Chris Paul:
His situation is muddied by the fact the league, in essence, owns him, since it currently controls the team. (Let's put aside, for the moment, how potentially rife with accusations of conspiracy that scenario is.) As much as CP3 would like to play in New York -- and I'd like to see him battling for Gotham with his longtime rival and current Nets point guard Deron Williams -- the Knicks have no chance of adding him as a free agent with Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony already on the books.

Since there is no obvious spot, I'm going to go off the boards and have him land in Boston in a deal for Rajon Rondo. Rumors of such a deal already made the rounds once. New Orleans does a sign-and-trade -- the owners' proposed new max salary of $11 million would make it a straight-up trade -- to get a great young point guard to build around rather than come up empty. Paul, meanwhile, gets the chance to squeeze one more ring out of Boston's existing Big Three; why wouldn't Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett re-sign to cap-friendly terms to give it to him?
While I'm sure TB would love to see Chris Paul replace Rondo in Boston, Bucher's "idea" really makes no sense. If the Celtics have the cap space next Summer simply to sign Chris Paul outright, why would they trade Rondo to the Hornets for him? Just to be nice to Charlotte? No. It makes much more sense if the C's signed CP3 to then trade Rondo for pieces to surround him with. The dream scenario would be to then trade Rondo for Dwight Howard (sign and trade), but that wouldn't be the only option. What team wouldn't want to have a young top 5 point guard like Rondo? For that matter, why is Ainge always exploring trading him?