Perkins: Didn't Drink a Drop, Cops at Fault

The Oklahoman
“He was not drinking alcohol, nor was he intoxicated,” said White, CEO and founder of EAG Sports Management. “Not one drop of alcohol Friday night. We're not sure why they said Kendrick was intoxicated.”

According to White, police didn't administer a breathalyzer or field sobriety test at the scene or the police station.

“There are witnesses inside the club that will attest to Kendrick only drinking water that evening,” White said.

Perkins, a Beaumont native, was hosting a three-day basketball camp last week at his alma mater, Clifton J. Ozen High School. Current teammates Kevin Durant, James Harden and Eric Maynor attended the camp in support, along with former Boston teammate Rajon Rondo and friend Stephen Jackson.
White said the altercation early Saturday morning stemmed from Perkins attempting to collect money from the club manager with whom he had struck a deal for the use of the establishment as an after party site wrapping up the event. The money, White said, was to go to Perkins' foundation, which aims to help children learn life skills and drug-awareness. According to White, the club owner became combative with Perkins and refused to hand over the money. An assistant to Perkins diffused the situation before “the lone policeman inside the club started harassing Kendrick to leave,” White said. Once outside, White said, another officer became more combative with Perkins, pushing him and grabbing his arm. Perkins, White said, was upset and pulled away. The officer then arrested him.

“We still don't know why he was physical with Kendrick,” White said.
According to White, Jackson, a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, was threatened with arrest for trying to calm the situation. Rondo had returned to his hotel and was not at the club. Durant, Harden and Maynor are not believed to have been at the club.

“These cops were out of hand,” White said.

Adams is considering filing a police brutality complaint against the arresting officers.
Click on the link above to read the entire story. I love that Stephen Jackson was reportedly playing the peacemaker role. Well in case you were wondering I'm siding with Team Perkins. So are you Team Perkins or Team Police?