Just To Remind You How Big Shaq Is

Shaq shopping around L.A. in his slippers & possible spinner girlfriend Hoopz
Too bad he didn't have 2 working feet. It's funny how Celtics fans have sort of adopted Shaq, even though to be quite honest he didn't do shit for us. On the other hand he won 3 titles for Los Angeles and Lakers fans barely even mentioned his retirement. I will give him credit for trying his hardest to come back from the achilles injury. 

It is interesting to note though that the Heat improved after he left and the Suns worsened with him. Then the Suns improved after he left and the Cavs worsened. And obviously the Celtics didn't get as far with Shaq as they did the year prior without him. I think if Shaq cared more about basketball and his conditioning he could have been a top 5 player of all time easy.