What if Nate Robinson came back to Boston...as a Patriot?

If Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco can ride bulls and audition for a Major League Soccer team, why can't NBA player Nate Robinson try out for an NFL team?

Robinson told SLAM online Monday that should the NBA lockout linger, he would consider returning to the sport that landed him a scholarship at the University of Washington.

"I might go play football," Robinson said. "Do something nobody has tried to do."

Nate was actually recruited to Washington to play football, where he played cornerback. His, Jacque, was also a football player and played three games for the Philadelphia Eagles.
And what if the NFL lockout remains in effect, leaving Robinson with no league in which to play?

"If their lockout (the NFL) goes the whole season, then I'm gonna go play basketball overseas," he said.