NBA Lockout: Day 4

Day #4 of the NBA Lockout. Today we've got some Celtics Life Lockout Beards coming in. 
Here we have Ryan, 26, from Maine. This is his Lockout Day #1 pic.

More Lockout Beards after the jump.

Next we have Jay, 30, Pennsylvania, Day 2

Here's Michael from Atlanta, GA, Age 20, Day 1. Michael's at a disadvantage being the youngest and with no growth to start with.

Lastly we have Khan, but he never emailed me back with any more info so he might get eliminated.

So who does everyone think is going to stick with it the longest and grow the gnarliest, longest, shaggiest, best Celtics Life Lockout Beard?

Let's see how far they're willing to go to show the NBA what a lockout does to it's loyal fans. Feel free to vent about the Lockout in the comments section. And contact us if you want in on the lockout beard growing.