Non-Bearing Games

It all came down to the last twelve minutes of an epic Finals in the making and I had a choice to make. Either change channels and divert myself from the emotional stress I had placed my body in ... or turn down the volume and close my eyes and try chanting a mantra that would restore my inner peace.

Or bear the possibility of a heart attack. Seriously. I was near that point and I never thought one game tens of thousands of miles away would make me catch my breath, have my heart palpitating furiously and hyper-ventilate.

That was exactly a year ago. It was the best of times and the worst of times, all at the same time.

I would've loved to see the Celtics back in the NBA's grandest stage this year. Unfortunately, fate ... or Miami ... or Stern ... or Ainge ... or whatever you might call it, had other plans.

But it's ok. I'm enjoying every minute of this year's Finals.

It's funny however, when you reflect on the fact that when your team is on the line ... it's as if your life is also on the line. And you do all you can to make sure the rest of the world knows whose side you are on. More so if the opponent is wearing purple and gold. You're not on the court sweating and grinding it out but sometimes it still wears you out to the point of mental, emotional, even physical exhaustion.

On the other hand, if your team ain't involved ... you may still be affected (via temporary bandwagoning), but at the final buzzer, regardless of whether you won or lost, life still goes on for. It doesn't stop like the Maverick fans who were close in making another resilient Game 3 comeback. And it doesn't affect your ego like Heat fans who couldn't believe they had James, Wade and Bosh on their side but went 5-for-18 in the final period of Game 2.

None of that matters if your team ain't involved. That's their business. That's their emotions.

If you ask me, I'm just in it for the entertainment. And to a lesser extent, Nowitzki and Kidd's first championship which I believe they rightfully deserve but one which I wouldn't plead with the entire universe for it to happen. I'm just going with the flow and letting go.

And having some fun with Breen, Van Gundy and Jackson along the way.