MacMullan: 10 reasons why Celts will win Game 3

Jackie MacMullan over at ESPN Boston wrote up a column early this morning making a compelling argument why the Celtics are going to win Game 3 tonight. She starts off with "We should know better than to count out this group when its back is against the wall." Below are her 10 reasons. Click here to read her full summaries.

1. They are playing at home 

2. The Heat have to perform on the road 

3. Pierce is due to bust out 

4. KG will get named called early and often

5. Shaq expected to play Saturday

6. Boston's bench versus Miami's bench

7. The Celtics still haven't played their best basketball

8. LeBron is human. At least we think he is

9. Rivers has so incessantly stressed the need for his team to attack the basket there's a chance his guys might actually listen

10. The Celtics understand their season on the line