Today's Video: LeBron's Big Adventure

I'm usually the last one to blame losses on refs. I can't stand when fans of opposing teams do it and I can't stand when the same Celtics fans always seem to do it. That said the extra preferential treatment that LeBron got yesterday at the end of a close game irritated me to no end. I'm sure everyone saw the Pierce charge call that should have been a LeBron foul (since LeBron was obviously still moving), but the above play was even worse in my mind. I remember tweeting how he took his crab dribble, then a jump stop, and then used another pivot foot. Talking to Banner 18 in the shout box today he wouldn't even say it was a travel. It was more than that. It was an adventure.

Check the video up above. No one call decides a game? I call BS. In a game that goes to OT, one damn call at the end means a ton. I will never understand why all baseball hitters have the exact same strike zones, but the "elite" NBA stars get to play by their own rules. And you know even if LeBron took two more steps (what would that be 6? 7?) they still wouldn't have called it.