Game 3 means nothing without game 4

I am going to be Captain Obvious for a second and say last night was a season saving victory. The championship Celtics defense was back. Rajon Rondo had one of the most courageous performances ever (that injury was grotesque). Garnett scored 28 points. Even Jeff Green showed up and played great defense on Lebron. However, Game 3 means nothing without a victory in game 4.

I will go out on a limb and say if we win Game 4 we win the series. The Heat have shown they are not resilient. Lebron is a quitter. Bosh is soft. Dwayne Wade is the only true champion on that team. If we can find a way to win another in Boston in Game 4 we can put them on their heels. Normally I'd say without a 100% healthy Rondo the Celtics have no chance. However Delonte has shown he is a more than capable back up. We can't win the series without Rondo, but I think we can win Game 4.

Monday night is the biggest game of the year. Let's be honest, every game from here on out is the biggest game of the year. Do the Celtics have what it takes to win? Who will be Game 4's hero? I believe in Banner 18, do you?