Comments from the Other Side - BONUS! Lakers/Mavs Game 4

I've had requests for a bonus edition of Comments from the Other Side from the Lakers/Mavs game 4.  They are interesting to say the least.  Here they are, without further ado!   Enjoy!

Just get the win, it's a matter of pride now.

LA wins game 4. They take it to Staples and win game 5. Doubt creeps in to steal game 6. Game 7 here we come

I cannot see this team going down without putting up a good fight. Lets go LAKERS!

I am very confident that we can win, I really think we can win this series too. I mean we had Games 1 and 3 won but that **** Gasoft decided to moan about his GF dumping him so he decides to hump Dirk in the final 20 seconds since he can't hump on his girl anymore.

That reminds me... Someone should set Gasol up with Dirk's ex, Cristal Taylor. You want to bitch and moan? Well fine then, we'll give you a real reason to! Now STFU and play!

All signs point to a Mavericks sweep in this series.

Still hoping for a W...a sweep is totally embarrassing and we would immediately become the laughing stock of the NBA. No doubt about it.

I don't feel worried, anxious, nothing. It's almost weird. Coming back from being down 0-3 will happen eventually and I have the feeling we will witness it here.

I can't believe a team filled with their core players all older than Kobe are running circles around us...

Just avoid being swept. Lets lose 4-1 .

Maybe I'm at peace with whatever happens, but I believe the Lakers will show us something we haven't seen in some time.

If Laker's Pride means anything to this team, then we will take this series to AT LEAST game 6...

All signs pointing to a Dallas by gasol...die by gasol...I dunno how the laker faithful have convinced themselves that he's all-world when gasol is just a p*ssy

We can only win if Kobe outscores dal...

Pau can't even lay it up against kidd. Lol. Pau gives me ulcers

Well, we can say Pau Gasol is the weakest big man to ever put on a Lakers uniform. Even Kwame Brown was stronger than this wussy.

Gasol can't even alter a shot by midget Barea hahaha

Leave Kobe and Drew on this team trade the rest of these worthless pieces of crap outta LA. They don't deserve to wear Purple and Gold.

This team just has no heart.

This is torture. Lamar airballs jumper from the FREETHROW line, we give up open three's again and Barea is looking like an allstar against us

Take Lamar out...he's done for the season. This guy didn't come to play today. It's Sunday so his show is on later today right? Yeah, that explains it...

Season 2 of klohe and lamar will be in Orlando

LA has to show some pride, if you lose you lose, but at least go out swinging like the Celticsare

I'm just about on boat with trading Gasol...but with the way he's been so **** who the hell is gonna want him. His value is dropping at the biggest stage.....*sighs* I need a drink....

I'm seriously hating Jason Terry right now.

They needa stop showing Pau's face on anything NBA. The NBA is just embarrassing themselves showing this wussy. I don't think no kid wants to grow up being Pau Gasol

This is unlike any collapse I've ever seen before.

Did Stern give food poisoning to the Lakers or something?

Cuban has installed microchips within the basketball. Its so obvious. There can be no other explanation.

This is reminding me of the Boston massacre of game 6 in 08

The Lakers deserve this. Serves these arrogant fools right.

Lol @ Phil deciding to use all of the timeouts he's collected over his career.

Maybe if he had actually used them in game 1, we wouldn't be in this situation now.

They are using up their 3's... Lakers need to hang in there and let these guys spend themselves... it's the only hope... Live by the 3 die by the 3... It will come Mavs... You will go cold soon...

It will be interesting to see how Terry does when the next opponent actually defends him.

This team just quits in elimination games. It's pathetic.

Just like Ray Allen bombing threes from the corners at the end of game 6. Embarrassing.

This is worse though.... At least that Boston team was actually a legit title contendor...

Champions don't go out like poodles. I expect them to regroup and make this a close game in the 2nd half.

The word "Laker" doesn't even deserve to be associated with the word "fan" to describe me right now. This crap is flat out embarrassing.

I hear the Heat are going to win their series. Maybe you can try associating "Heat" to the word "fan" to describe you.

I want to see a historic comeback to add to Kobe's legacy.

Well that would involve his teammates caring, which is about the last thing I could see happening in this game.

I hope I don't see Pau Gasol in a Laker jersey ever again.

So painful to watch this but I can't stop looking....

Dallas is playing such good defense, Ron can't even make a wide open layup

Its gonna be awesome not seeing the ugly neck beard ostrich anymore..

The worst defending champs ever. I thought the Bulls spanked the Heat in 07 but this is 10x worse.

The East will win a Championship this year, most likely The LeBron's. End of a Dynasty. End of a legendary career. End of the Kobe/Pau era. Bye Bye Triangle.

Just hope Boston or Miami DOESN'T win it all..

The only person I have sympathy for is Kobe. Phil, you deserve this.

We're getting OWNED. Too damn old. Too damn weak-minded.

JJ Barrea is 10x better than our starting PG

Steve Blake has no game. Seriously, what does he do? He is mini-Luke. He passes a lot and dribbles a lot and misses a lot of shots.

What happened to Kobe's statement game? A few good minutes to start the game and ever since its all horrible. Well, can't beat age I guess.

I know this may be a bad time for all of this but you know Howard is looking at this and is saying "Why would I join that team?"

Only if this whole team was infected with chicken pox. At least they would of had an excuse for losing.

Please pull Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol.and Lamar from the game so that he will be in good shape for us to trade him to Orlando this summer.

That right there was a get Dirk out of the f*ing game hit.

Atleast Odom isn't going down like a chump.

Oh, nice Odom, just what we need, hurt the Lakers reputation even more.

After this game, Odom better give his 6th man of the year award to Jason Terry.

Odom is an absolute punk. This team has showed no class or grace in defeat. Poor poor sportsmanship.

Odom fake tough guy does this after down by 26? This guy is a freaking joke.

Can not even lose like a champion. Disgraceful.

BAHAHAHA, Bynum checks himself out, you know that's a suspension for next year.


And that was even more stupid bynum

Well that was a fragrant......why...Bynum....why?

This team is embarrassing

Phil has lost all control of this team. Definitely time for him to retire.

This is how they go out? Like children? Come on. If you're going to play physical why not do it GAME 1. Seriously pathetic.

They played like punks and are going out like punks. I'm embarrassed to be a Laker fan right now.

Lamar's shouldn't have been an ejection DIRK INSTIGATED THAT!!

Bynum you should know better than that man. You can't start getting the reputation of being a dirty player.

Now I am really starting to hate this team. I had no problems with losing, but to go out trying to injure everyone on their team is a disgrace.

He took his shirt off like LeBron did. Maybe he's taking his talents to South Beach as well

Hope Bynum feels tough trying to injure someone half his size, **** pathetic

They should flat-out throw him out of the league for such a chump maneuver.

Need to trade that punk before his knees collapse again.

Time to focus on D12 ... I wouldn't be shocked to see Phil take just one year off and than replace D'antoni on a Chris Paul, Melo and Amare lead Knicks squad.

Listen up fellas, our chances for Howard are 0.01%. You gotta start thinking logical here, nobody is going to give the Lakers ANYTHING.

"Hard to believe the Lakers would go out in such a classless, bush league way. Bynum should miss at least the first 3 games next year...w ORL"

I have a feeling not a lot of teams are in line right away for bynum. After the **** he pulled today, he will probably be injured next year.

Are kidding me? A nasty player with his size and skills is in demand period. In fact I bet NY just dialed mitch

Thank you mother's day for making me miss the entire game.

This is a great day for Laker haters...

Man a lockout doesn't look that bad this summer, after this and a possible Heat championship.

I want the Heat to not win almost as much as I want the Lakers to win. I.. Man.. If the Heat win, I'll be devastated.

Did we win yet? Lakers in.. 8