Bring Back Semih: A Collection of Photos

Since the Celtics' season has come to a halt, most of the recent focus has moved to the offseason and what moves the Celtics should make both in terms of the draft and with their current roster.

One of the sentiments I have seen echoed frequently in the comments of this website is the frustration at letting a great rookie like Semih Erden go during the trade in February of 2011. Semih did a great job in his first year in the NBA, especially considering that he was playing injured for the majority of the time he was on the court.

As many have seen me express in the shoutbox, I am a big fan of Semih. While we might not be able to bring Semih back, I have compiled a collection of the best Semih photos on the internet for your amusement, as Semih is often very "photogenic" (and I use that term lightly). There is no shortage of interesting photos of Semih on the web, so after the jump are a collection of some of my favorite images so that everyone can get their fill of Semih's shaggy awesomeness while we hope for his return. Which photo is your favorite?

Crazy Semih

Shaggy Hair Semih

My hair looks like I got electrocuted

Demonic Semih x4

Depressed Semih. "Get me the heck out of Cleveland!"

Please KG, don't rip my ear off

Who needs a Jersey Shore blowout? Semih's hair stands up naturally!

Affectionate Semih

Semih is great with kids!

This looks like it could be a high school yearbook photo

Semih is afraid of guys in face masks