Doc's Successor as Head Coach could be Kevin McHale

Just like last April, NESN reported today that Kevin McHale is in the running to succeed Doc Rivers should Doc decide to take time off at the end of this season. McHale is also currently interviewing for the Houston Rockets coaching position after Rick Adelman stepped down.

As nostalgic as it would be to have one of the original Big Three at the helm, McHale has shown in his previous coaching stints with the Timberwolves that being a championship-caliber player doesn't always translate to being a championship-caliber coach. His combined win-loss record from his coaching in the 2004-2005 and 2008-2009 seasons with Minnesota is 39-55. But being a former Celtic, McHale would come in with a deeper understanding of the history and the expectations of the Boston franchise. McHale also helped Boston bring home Banner 17 in 2008 by trading Kevin Garnett to the Celtics in one of his moves as the Timberwolves GM.

Many have speculated that the Celtics front office only wants to bring in a former player to coach, if and when Doc steps down. While his name has yet to be mentioned this year, last year Dee Brown was among the list of potential successors. Dee is currently the head coach of the NBA D League's Springfield Armor, and donned Celtics green from 1990 - 1997.

While a potential NBA lockout looms this summer at the end of the current collective bargaining agreement, the one upside could be that a lockout would allow Doc to spend time with his family and return to coach if a partial season comes to fruition. It might buy us some more time with the leader that Celtics players and fans alike love and respect.