Amar'e and Billups both game time decisions

With the clock ticking towards the start of game 3 tonight at MSG it is being reported that both Amar'e Stoudemire and Chauncey Billups will be game time decisions. Stoudemire is pretty much a sure thing to play tonight regardless of how he is feeling as this is why he came to New York in the first place. Billups is another story but you can bet he will try to warm up and endure the pain. Regardless, the Celtics need to come out very very strong tonight and not play from behind like they did in March at MSG. The crowd will be quite juiced tonight, as this is the first meaningful Knicks home playoff game in ten years. But isn't this the environment that should bring out the best in our Celtics? Lets hope so.

Time to tell the Knicks and their fans that tonight is officially the beginning of the end, we hope.