Too Good to be True? No, Just THAT GOOD

After a real long week that involved many different basketball items including an event involving Mayor Bloomberg and Amar'e Stoudemire at a court dedication in Brooklyn, NY and catching some NYC high school playoff action I was able to settle in for some solid NBA friday action last night. After the clinic the Celtics put on for close to three quarters on Wednesday against the Suns I expected last night's game against Golden State to be a mix of starters doing their thing and the new members continuing to try to get accustomed to their new surrounding and teammates. And despite the Warriors comeback last night that was extinguished by the Truth and Co. I can't help but to ask, is Jeff Green, his skill set, his athletic ability and his court sense too good to be true?

With 21 points last night on 8-11 from the floor, Green, who was seeing major minutes with the starters as Glen Davis is out, fit in like he had been running with the Big 4 for a few months. From beating his man down the floor and finishing, to presenting himself as a target around the rim, to filling the lane at the right time Jeff Green is and will continue to flourish as a Boston Celtic. Despite the injuries right now the versatility of this team has reached a new level with Green. Yes, he will play some four, with KG next to him at the five, when the Celtics want to go smaller and faster. But he will also get some time as has been discussed at the three, with Pierce at the two. When Ray Allen needs a breather this is a very difficult matchup for the opposition as either Pierce or Green will have a smaller defender on him to take down to the block. Put KG and Baby, or Murphy out there and there will be open shots for everyone if the double team happens, if not then Pierce or Green will get whatever they want.

While Perkins was beloved, and a symbol of our toughness or defense, he was a player with a ceiling as I mentioned last week, Green right now, with this team, has no ceiling. As we watch the Bulls continue to improve, the Heat continue to flounder against top teams, Magic start to find themselves again and of course the new look Knicks, knowing that the Celtics have a new weapon like Green is quite comforting.

If Green could just help solve the injury bug he'd go from impressive to beyond.

Banner 18 is in sight.