Comments from the Other Side - Warriors 3/4

 And now we have the Comments from the Warriors fans.  There was a comment the other day about how everybody loves Ray even though they hate the rest of the team.  The Warriors may be the exception after his comments in the huddle that this team doesn't belong on the same floor as the Celtic!  And, that brings me to my favorite comment:  "What do you expect from a man whose mom comes to see him every day at work!?"  I love it!  

We better go in there and **** all over the Celtics... I hate them.

They say he should be out a week. That puts at an advantage at the Center spot. We "should" out-rebound them this game. Monta "should" have an easier time getting to the hole on his drives due to Perkins not clogging up the lane like last game. This "should" in turn create more space for Curry shooting an outside shot. Keyword "should"...but we all know how that goes for the Dubs

Remember...we don't belong on the same court with these guys...maybe the players heard that and will respond...these are the kinds of games we need to win

I predict we'll be up by 1 at halftime and lose by 30.

+10 points for Ekpe if he karate chops KG in the throat.

I'd rather he punches him in the nads when no-one is looking.

We don't really match up with them that badly today. It would need to be an almighty effort, but without Shaq, Baby and Perk, Lee isn't as exposed as he is facing his equal in Krstic.

Even old KG is an elite PF.

I hate saying it, but KG is probably in my top 3 ALL TIME defensive players. He's amazingly versatile on the defensive end. He can guard anyone really.

I think this Perkins trade can only do two things to the Celtics locker room; Make the locker room and the players a lot more business like and less settled, or make it and them a lot more selfish.

The Celtics will win the championship this year But because they traded Perkins…they wont win next year…

Jeff Green and Krstic open up the floor for Rondo and could stay in in crunch time, when Perk was usually benched.

You don't change starting 5 until you lose Just a general rule

The Thunder are going to be nearly unbeatable for the next 10 years?

I fear Microsoft Paperclip guy aka Rondo

Krstic is underrated.

I'm finding it really hard to watch this team try to play defense. It's embarrassing.

Lol at that bad basketball can be...

What "superstar" plays D all the time that you know of? Few and far between.

KG He's one of the few (one of the best defenders of all time).

Defensive game plan calling to give Ray open jump shots? It aint working.

Jeff Green looked like Blake Griffin for a time there against Vlad.


Man this kid Ray Allen can really shoot it, who knew.

If I see Lee on the block against KG one more time... I’m gonna puke. Yeah, let’s ISO the best defensive player in the league with an undersized 4/5. Good strategy.

Ha, don’t think Pierce fouled there Don't complain, Paul Pierce you get phantom foul calls too

A Celtics jersey with "Murphy" on the back just seems right...

Haha wow Jeff greens really bad.

Yeah, interesting pick ups for the Celtics Murphy, Green. I like Kristic though.

Green is Killing us

Probably the only team he is capable of killing

Haha hey keep leaving ray, he might just miss at some point

Shut up about how the Celtics don’t miss. Yeah, professional basketball players don’t miss when they’re wide open.

Our lineup needs less white guys

I love the refs

Is it 8 or nine seconds in the key? Either way they missed it on Kritic.

I hate Paul Pierce so much..

Ray Allen reminds me of a dinosaur

Dude we just need to accept we have a dumb head coach Cant get too mad …hes going to be out of a job soon

Lacob - get Doc Rivers Make it happen.

Why were the Raptors and Nets sent to London?

Cuz they suck...

Ugh I loath KG

Run the legs off those old guys

Green + Murphy - About as close to a Warriors frontcourt as the Celtics will ever have

Punch Pierce in the face for that stupid grin.

Celtics announcers complaining about the call Give me a break, you get more than anyone in the league

Thanks ref Referee must be a Lakers fan

I don't care if they lose all games this year but just win this one. Just for the sake of stuffin’it to those cocky arrogant grin faced bast….!

I hate you Paul pierce. I still aint impressed with you.

"They don't belong on the same court as us" What a moron

Wasn't that ray Allen Lost my respect

Arrogant bastard-lookin dinosaur

What do you expect from a man whose mom comes to see him every day at work!?

Wow, we outrebounded the Cs 39-28 That's what happens without Perkins lulz

If we had got a little more out of curry

Or if Monta played defense on Allen

You are right, but you have to remember that Boston does not have 45 wins and Pierce and Allen don’t wear those rings because many people can stop them when they want to score!