Comments from the Other Side - BONUS- Heat at Spurs

 The Heat fans are coming to the realization that their team is not going to win just because they have 3 all stars on their team.  It takes chemistry on the court as well as a supporting cast, both of which the Heat are missing at this point.  They may figure it out, but at this point we are still waiting. In the meantime, enjoy the Comments from the Other Side that result from their struggles....

I actually think we will win this game handily believe it or not.... We are going to play angry, really angry. And when Wade and Bron play angry, well you saw the first half of last nights game. But tonight they are going know not to let up, not to take the foot off the pedal.

I expect us to be up by 20 by half time, then lose by 3.

Like most nights, let's just hope that the talent executes our ridiculously vanilla sets with great efficiency and that San Antonio screws up somewhere.

Heat win and everyone says the "spurs are old" and completely discredit the win

This is a good opportunity for Spoelstra. He can learn how a real coach runs an NBA team.

It sucks that it has gotten to the point where I expect the team to lose big games like this.

Dont you have a feeling we will play angry? With a little fire for a change? We have been embarrassed our last 2 games.... On national TV. EMBARRASSED.

This team is mentally weak, uninspired, egotistical, stubborn, individualistic, clueless, frustrated, insecure, depressed, cowardly, lost...the trend of losing isn't making this team mentally tougher or imparting valuable lessons at this point in the season.

I will watch tonights game on my 32" TV, I think this will help me enjoy the game -

32" of misery and letdown if the trend continues...

If this team doesn't get that #1 seed say hello to a 1st or 2nd round exit

Tony Parker is playing no excuses for the Spurs, I like it.

Why is everything a jump shot? Do these guys even listen to spo?

We look like a D-league team

Spurs are just flopping and getting the calls.

Some beautiful TEAM basketball we are witnessing from the Spurs. Excellent game for any aspiring basketball players to watch, since you get to watch two very contrasting styles (an individualistic no structure system versus a team oriented system).

The Heat sucks, yes I said it we suck

I know almost all of us criticize our team but to think of it we have no choice but to support them this trying moments..and just pray spo dies after this 1st period ..pls......

Bonner 12, Miami 12 ... This is unexpected ...

WE SUCK with good teams, we SUCK on national TV, We SUCK on back to Backs overall WE SUCK!!!!!!!!!

Mike Bibby looks like our best player out there.

LeBron James is not doing everything he can for this team. He did not come here to sacrifice for the greater good. He came here to dominate the ball once again like in Cleveland.

Bosh is REALLY REALLY bad on defense

Why dont we watch film on the Spurs offense and copy it? Why cant we do that?

Bibby is making such a huge difference out there for us. Spoelstra should pay him half of his salary because MB might just save his job.

Lebron complaining about no call. Why dont you make the shot instead of looking for call?

Lets raise some money so they HEAT can have a motivational speech by sheen

Wade+Lebron are not working well together. That certainly raises a great concern

Good job Damp, way to cost us most likely 7pts in a row. If you can't beat them, try to injure them, get yourself thrown out, and screw yourself.

I like what damp did. They should do that since we started the game and every game to others. Just send them a message.

Wonder what Bron is thinking right now, his Cavs were better than we are right now last year. I hope he doesn't get fed up and become LeQuit on us too.

Chris Bosh you sir are Charmin soft and mentally weak

People are saying we should start Bibby but did you guys see his defense tonight? It was beyond terrible. His offensive output doesn't outweigh his defensive deficiencies so I think it'll be better to keep him on the bench. This team just has too many flaws which is why we suck right now. We have "specialty" centers and not one that can do everything. And then there's no PG that can play good D and hit open shots. This goes beyond the coaching guys...time to be real and be honest with ourselves

Worst part is Chicago shut down Orlando after we just gave up a huge lead to them

Go Spurs. I want them to win by 50 or something ridiculous so Spo HAS TO BE FIRED

Ok, yeah its over now. Time to start drinking myself to sleep.

Heat fans be glad you have Spo as your coach, at least you don't have Mike D'Antoni as your coach.

Wade and bosh playing poorly and James at times also
Yukkkkkkkkk...... But yea lets put all the blame on that bum spo

I will never respect players that get paid millions of dollars that just quit on their coach. Hate your coach all you want but do your job on the court.

Bibby you should of signed with Boston dude! SORRY MAN YOU DESERVE BETTER

He should have kept the 6 million

Wait is this our worst loss of the season? I swear I said that our last three losses... We keep topping ourselves this is amazing.

Looks like Troy Murphy made a wise decision.