Coments from the Other Side - BONUS- Magic at Heat

 Just couldn't resist taking a look at the Heat boards after their breakdown and loss to the Magic last night.  Here's a fun issue of Comments from the Other Side... Enjoy....

Gotta win this game.

Atlanta just beat Chicago in a great game

Chicago can't beat quality opponets on the road.

Just win the damn game HEAT! I really think this team needs to get the 1st seed in the east.

Not a must win literally, but it is considering we haven't defeated a team worth a damn in a month

Why is American Airlines Arena Half-Empty? Fan the F Up Already, Ticket Holders!

That's during the regular season. Wait until the playoffs start.

Great game to practice getting into championship form.

It's time to erase from our memorys that humilliation against NY. And the one vs the Bulls. LET'S NOT SUCK (AGAIN). It's time to show the Heat are contenders... I only won't regret defeat if Spo is fired cause of it.

Besides the Celtic team defense. Joel Anthony plays D12 better than most defenders.

Say what you will, I'm hoping for an errant Dwight elbow to knock Joel goofy, causing him to stumble as he recovers, eventually tripping over his own feet and right into a high ankle sprain. Knowing Dwight's luck with the refs, he gets called for a flagrant and we get an extended Joel absence. This is win/win for us.

You know, as the team's fanbase, we should hire a hitman to take out JA's knee's or something. Not killing him of course, just end his Heat career.

To bad Tonya Harding is now having a baby, I bet she could have used the money

Wade keeping us in the game but I dont like the damn ISOs. Where is the ball movement?!?

Why is LeBron just standing at the top of the key? I swear our teammates are SO lazy at times.

Damn, at least pretend you want to move ball around lebron

The refs let Joel travel twice in the paint and he still couldn't draw rim.

That defensive possession was ****ing beautiful. I love me some Bibby

I really hate bosh

Spoelstra destroyed Chris Bosh.

This isn't the Chris Bosh we signed. The Raptors Chris Bosh would camp in the paint all game long. All this guy does is float around the perimeter.

We are cursed.

Does any other team in the NBA blow large leads as good as us? I swear that has to say something about coaching.

It's getting old watching Wade getting tired by the 3rd quarter in every game.

We dont even have a ****ing play...just lebron on top

He shoots too many commercials instead of working out

It's just sickening. He cost us this game...from bricking free trows to shooting bad jumpers. It's just getting sickening.....he's too overrated.

This team is a embarrasment to the NBA those big 3 morons still danceing?

I really have zero faith in Riley if he brings Spo back next season.

WTF is House doing laughing? This IS Funny. Very funny. But people aren't laughing WITH House and the Heat . . . They're laughing AT them and us.

Something just isn't right with the team. I see 0 championships with this group.

Dwight Howard just threw Bosh to grab that rebound. Gotta love it.

Don't give bosh the ball, he'll slip.

I am done calling this team elite.

Give us our 1st round picks back and you can take bosh back.

This just in. Mickey Arison has re-named out ballclub. We are now the Miami Chokes

This is what you get when you turn a video guy into coach.

I know Lebron is anti clutch but giving it up to Chris "chill' bosh was horrible. He obviously didn't care about winning he just wanted to chill

I said **** like 200 times in a spand of 18 minutes I also broke my remote

I wish we only played three quarters....apparently we cant finish

We don't have an offense, dont blame Bosh. Spo wont allow the guy to be free, he told him that he shoots better on the left and must stay on the we have to deal with Bosh thinking he's only good one way

No guarantee they ever get it. The chemistry isn't right And Lebrick chuckin last sec 3s is 99% doom

The night before we played against the knick I saw him at south beach at 2:30am!

Orlando went on a 39-8 run!!! It's interesting how when things start to not go their way Lebron & Wade fall apart

This was a tough loss... I'm really speechless right now. Quick turn-around against the Spurs tomorrow. #ontothenextone

You know the Spurs have a winning record, right?

I'm not going to blame the refs but damn

They let Howard get away with so much. Ridculous

We need a JR. Smith type player to come off the bench and we need a dam center that can defend the paint and grab rebounds!

Are you kidding me? Lebron and Wade got each and every touch call possible, including that no-foul called on Dwight when he went straight up on Wade...

We need to find Spoelstra a family. It'll be sad to see the man go down with the headline: "Spoelstra Steps Down to Spend More Time with Pet Cat Mr Giggles."

No,what we need is a decent center that can rebound and protect the paint.Our bench may be old,but it isnt in as dire need of an upgrade as our 5 spot.

I thought sure we could lure Perkins away from BOS in the offseason but no chance of getting him now. He would have been perfect!

We do have a major lack of rebounding. It's just pathetic. Isn't Dennis Rodman available?!?!

We made dampier of all people a good player

Eddie curry anyone

Wade was pathetic in the 2nd half tonight, truly pathetic.

A couple of divas. I'm tired of excuses. They should just suck the shame out of it, admit the defeat, make some plays not some ill advised shots, and play DEFENSE!

This team lacks the mental toughness to compete with the elites. Its sad but true to consistently let opponents back in the game after jumping out to huge leads is a serious sign of mental weakness.

Holy **** did you guys see the press conference after the game with LeBron and Wade? LeBron looked so depressed and mad.

Is Bosh crying?

**** bosh, he is the softest 7 footer in league history, watching him get abused by Dwight was embarrassing to say the least.

This team is broken


Bosh's revenge on that damn ball...