Comments From the Other Side - Mavs 2/4

Well that was a disappointing loss.  The Celtics just gave that game away at the end.  But on the bright side, Perk started and played great!  Mavs fans are correct in that last night's game meant more to the Mavs than the Celtics.  They are a good team and may give the Fakers a run out West.  There is a lot of venom toward KG from Mavs fans. These are a lot more fun when we win, but enjoy these comments anyway... 

So early...but a loss for Dallas

That's a good sign because everytime you say we will lose,we win

I think we can pull off a close win

I'm watching Lakers/Spurs too and in a perfect world they'd both lose.

Spurs helped us with a crazy finish (missing three shots in the final 24 seconds while down by one...and STILL winning). We're now tied with the Lakers!

We'll really miss caron in this one...and the acting job that peirce will do will be Oscar-worthy.. In the end however we'll be scraping those beans off our plate into the trash.

I don't think I'm mentally prepared to deal with all of the contact on Dirk that KG will get away with tonight.

And watching whistle after whistle on the other end:

Confidence builder. Like most, I lost all respect for KG. Its going to be fun to watch JJ and Nate go at it.

This will be a hard fought game, hopefully our D is solid, and hopefully KG is actually whistled for a foul tonight.

The worst thing KG gets away with, even worse than his moving screens, is how he will literally HOLD his opponent. He puts both arms on the defender, blatantly, and is never whistled for it.

Will chandler be guarding KG or Perkins? I think Perkins might manhandle dirk around the basket..

With Dirk playing healthy, the Mavs are the best road team in the league. If the Celtics take the Mavs lightly at all, they'll end up getting beat.

The Celtics will not take the Mavs lightly,but this game means much more to Dallas,Imo.

Come on Mavs lets put on a good showing tonight as we know ESPN will all about the Celtics…

Why is Boston allowed to make moving screens and every other team is not?

Boston fans are heckling loud

We need to maintain our composure, we’re fully capable of beating the Celts, as good as they are

A lot of contact early on, but on both sides they are letting them play….honestly I would rather have that rather than the past couple games when it seems like every other play was a foul…

Boston is so easy to be disliked. Almost the entire team is a bunch of wannabe thugs. Garnett, Pierce, Rondo, Perkins to name a few...

You know who's probably a terrible person? Kevin Garnett.

What do you mean "probably?"

You have a better chance of finding Bin Laden that proving Garnett is a terrible person.

Gettin the friendly bounces tonight

Being from SC, you know Garnett went to Mauldin High School here and then he got in some trouble and left for Chicago and finish High School there……rumored is he was involved in some type of assault charges, but they were dropped eventually, but to this day nobody will even talk about it around here…

Garnett is schooling our frontcourt like its 2004.

Hopefully they can build a lead before they inevitably experience FG% regression.

Ray Allen 3's so far

On the pre game I think John Barry or j rose said right away mavs are not a contender I’d like to see all the critics eat their words soon

You know what would make them a contender? Not losing in the playoffs

Dang you Marquis Our exes coming back to haunt us

I miss Marqueasy

Damn we are getting the bounces so far for sure

I like the refs this game because they are letting them play down low and only calling actual fouls. This is how officiating should be like.

Really Dirk?! You're 6 inches taller than big baby and you slap down at the ball? Retarded.

Quesey, Nate Robinson and Von effing warder bring the c's back with the hofers on the bench. Unbelievable.

Oh my gosh Kendrick Perkins actually speaks?

Garnett never gets called for fouls, flagrants, or technicals.

Garnett is a dirty player.. Someday his gonna get what he owes to the players he abuse

I really do like these refs. These definitely aren't company men. Letting everyone do battle.

I understand they're letting them play but they've gotta call some of these bumps down low

I'd rather they not. This officiating crew has been letting both sides of the ball play. Can't change the style of the game now. Don't want another robbery like the 2010 Game 7 NBA Finals in the 4th Quarter when the refs decided to call things differently.

I love these refs. I wish they would officiate every game. The Spurs would die if these refs ever got their games. Manu couldn't flop and get calls.

Everyone knows that Dirk completely OWNS KG, always has and always will.

Can't spell trash without K & G.

Celtics are beautiful to watch.

DIRK is just demolishing BBD. RC should run plays for DIRK every time down the court.

Kevin "Fake Tough" Garnett just gave Chandler a little cheap shot right in the middle of the floor. No call. I have no doubt that Chandler's going to deliver his own at some point here.

How in the hell is KG not tossed from pushing off a ref twice, most any other player would be out this game and the next.

Garnett shoved at the black ref twice. The ref, apparently not knowing what he should do, looked at that white ref as if to say, hey it's Kevin Garnett, I can't toss him, can I?

He didn't really shove him though. It was more along the lines of Garnett getting the refs hands off of him. He has that right.

You may hate KG but he's great for basketball. I love to hate him.

Garnett has already:
1) Delivered a cheap-shot to Chandler that would have gotten a foul and a technical called on another player
2) Elbowed Barea for giving a hard foul to Garnett (fake tough coming out again)
3) twice pushed a ref.
...and he's still in the game.

Dirk is the best player in this game, and there's really not even a close second.

Great block by Allen on TC, good to know that grabbing the arm and pulling it down is a block now and it should work well against LBJ and Kobe, right.

That was one of the greatest blocks I've witnessed...But we're still going to WIN

Great timing by Allen on that play. Sometimes the other team makes a play and all you can do is tip your cap to them.

Ray Allen with the block. I'm done......I've seen Ray Allen get rebounds over 7 footers and now block a 7 footers layup. I've seen it all.

Kevin garnett is such a ginobili

Garnett is so black he gets awAy with dirty fouls

Add jj barea to the long list of small guards that kg picks on. And add Tyson chandler to the long list of big men that kg cheap shots and then walks away like a scared little bitch

Great, now the Mavs can't take it inside often without getting fouled
Meanwhile the Celtics have carte blanche.

Kill Garnett. Yeah I said it

Yall need to chill

Not before I drink Garnett's blood.

It gets worse during spurs games, I wish death on all of them.

Spurs I hate because they’re efficient and good. I hate the Celtics because they’re smug, arrogant douchebags. And everyone showers praise on them.

Are you kidding? Really, name a better defense in the league today.
Spurs run their shit on Manu flopping and Duncan being overraed, Boston works for theirs.

The Celtics are this gritty and tough defensive team because they get away with fouls that no other team can dream to get. That and Garnett can apparently hit a ref and not get ejected. BECAUSE HE’S SO PASSIONATE. The Spurs flop, but are also very fundamentally sound. I hate it, but they are.

Celtics aren't funddmentally sound? Dumbass ref shouldn’t have grabbed KG to begin with, any player for that matter…

Not saying the Celtics aren't Just that they haven’t been nearly as consistent as the Spurs. Hard to be anymore consistent than the Spurs have been.

Spurs haven't been injured so much either

Could someone please tell Ray Allen that he is old!!??!!

I wonder is Ray Allen ever going to get too old to play. He looks like he did 15 years ago.

We can't get a call

Mahinmi does get away with a lot of moving screens, he's gotta work on that.

Boston has at least a loud homecourt

The ref was staring straight at KG when he was wrapping his arm around Dirk!! Such bullshit officiating in the NBA!!

Win or lose Dallas plays really good TEAM basketball.

Garnett chokes!

Pass was high as hell, that was the inbounders fault

Only kidd can do that pass

Boston really struggles with Dallas.

Mavs 2-0 vs. Heat, 2-0 vs. Celtics With Dirk in the lineup, the Mavs havent lost to the Spurs, Lakers, Heat, Celtics, Magic, or Thunder.

Bring on the brooms

Thanks for knocking off the Celts, guys. You’re going to be hearing a lot of those thanks from other teams.

South Beach thanks you.

Celtics went all out tonight minus old fat shaq We look just about ready for playoffs

GREAT WINNN! But did kidd shuffle his feet? Not to hate but I couldnt really tell.
Anyways great win against the easts best on the road

Yeah, looked like he did but who cares. KG got away with everything again so I couldn´t care less if he did...

Mavs the only team to beat the Celtics twice this year!

Mavs won the game at the end with their defense. Great win against a great team.

2-0 vs Miami
2-0 vs Celtics
1-0 vs Lakers
1-2 vs Spurs (1-0 with Dirk in San Antonio by 13 points)
Yet they don't call us contenders. Fine.

I love this game because we won despite those horrible refs.

I think there is one thing that we have that other teams don't have, like the teams in the East, the Mavs have Dirk and TC who play for the love of the game like Bird and Magic and not like the super friends who are playing for to be on ESPN highlights.