Screamin' A. Smith: 'Sheed to return to the C's

Boston Globe
Stephen A. Smith, the ubiquitous but undeniably well-sourced reporter/personality, said he believes so, telling Dan Patrick on the latter's radio show this morning that Rasheed Wallace will come out of retirement to give the Celtics some front-line depth in the playoffs.

Smith said Wallace, a 15-year veteran who retired after averaging 9.0 points per game last season with the Celtics, told him the plan is to come out of retirement because he wants another shot at the Lakers in the NBA Finals.
Please no. We replaced you already with Jermaine and Shaq. They're doing fine. It's nice to see big men actually play inside the 3 point arc. You were out of shape last year despite being on a professional basketball team. Imagine your stomach rolls this year after being away from the game? With the new technicals rule you'd just be giving the other teams extra free throws and you'd be suspended in no time.

If you hadn't been a dumbass in Game 4 versus Orlando last Spring and gotten a technical in the 4th quarter we sweep the Magic and are more rested and healthy for the Lakers. Then you wouldn't have thrown out your out of shape back in Game 5 versus the Magic and not have enough to play major minutes in just the one game we needed you in the Finals. Yes you gave it your all in Game 7, but your neglected body only could give us 1 decent half.

You're bored now. Just play some NBA Jam and wait until your new house is built on the West Coast. Stop with this coming back nonsense. We're better off with Semih as our 6th big.