Comments From the Other Side - Rockets 1/10

 For the second game in a row, an inferior team came in and beat a Celtics team that seemed to take the game lightly.  The Rockets definitely played harder and wanted it more.  And we can't use KG, Perk and Delonte being out as an excuse.  They didn't have Kevin Martin, Yao Ming or Brad Miller.  Very disappointing effort from the Celtics at home. 

They beat us at every position...6 Game losing streak here we come..

More ping pong balls

Von Wafer goes for double figures, and ices the game with a cold-blooded 3 from the corner.

We're winning this one.

Let's play Scola, Martin, and Lowry each 40+ minutes for this game. I'd rather see a close loss than a blowout.

I think we can beat them. I'm never going to doubt these rockets (xcept battier)

Why do u fellas say we won't win this? We're winning this one folks!!
We are good when we play in Boston. We would probably go 41-0 if our homecourt was the T.D. Banknorth Garden.

Our road record of 6-14 is pathetic Even though they are plagued by injures just like us, they have a championship attitude. We don't have that mental toughness when the going gets tough.

With Garnett, I would say no, but I think there's a chance since he's not around. Really, Rondo's the only guy that concerns me on that team, and I think we can win.

I hope we win since they only starting 4 all stars after KG went down

We are up 20 points in 4th quarter with 6:40 (ish,scola...), then Rick injects his usual WTF substitution and we get blown out the game.

I think having so many players out is good for Rick; he wont have so mnay players to think about.

If Shaq is playing then Hill will probably hurt himself trying to guard him.

Shaq is going to eat someone....

Sometime during this game Shaq will fall on top of Hill And we’ll call it a career for Hill.

Lol... On NBA TV they were comparing Big baby to real baby... Comparing similar things they do... Like crying, drooling and all... Can't believe Big baby Davis was caught crying on the bench during game.

Screw Rondo Stat padding with that assist for a Ray Allen dunk… If I didn’t have a personal boycott against Boston/Massachusetts in general I would drive out there and punch him in the face.
I've heard that he does this a lot. God, that was the most blatant attempt ever, and in the middle of a game.
Since when does Shaq hit FTs?

Let rondo and big baby shoot as much as they want to from the field
Big Baby has a decent jumper actually.

If I ever read Big Baby and decent in the same sentence from you again, we can’t troll together. I want to punch him in the grundle.
Well, that was an awful call.
We're on the road... Obv they'll call that against us Problem is they call that against us in home as well

You’re listening to the only announcers that are more biased than Bill/Clyde/Matt. The Celtics announcers

Nate Robinson has to have the lowest basketball IQ I've ever seen
Never seen him make a smart play

Can’t we have one game where the refs call everything our way?

When we move to LA And change our colors to purple and gold.
Maybe the rockets should come out at halftime with green jerseys on to confuse the refs

These guys are MUCH bigger than us!

Even a geriatric Jermaine O Neal is a better rim defender than anyone on the rockets bench right now.

Two young players I no longer want to see on this team: Hill and Bud. Trade them before the league realizes they have bust written all over them.

We should trade Budinger to Boston. They're probably the only ones who would take him.

I kinda miss Wafer

Celtic fans are loud

Boston Crowd > Houston Crowd

These refs are letting Glen Davis and Marquis Daniels get away with murder.

All Boston really needs to do is feed Shaq the ball. He will a) pretend Scola isn't there, because he isn't there half the time, or b) get fouled by Jordan Hill and sink both free throws.

With all our horrible players, we are winning the game. How does this happen?

The Celtics are one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA, btw. They just make the highest percentage of shots

Soon the Boston announcers are gonna cry
They sound very cranky about brooks and budinger’s threes

They don't know how to react to seeing more than one player under the age of 35 on the court at the same time

Celtics are getting a lotta stupid fouls

Well lets hope the Celtics blow off Doc Rivers during halftime about second half adjustments and just play checkers or something instead.

Ray Allen nailed on the screen or Ray Allen just getting old and the Celtics not talking? Either way Jeffries is showing that he can at least lay down a screen.

Ray getting injured makes me sad
Don’t like that. Want him to break the 3s record (only 38 off). He was my first ever favorite player when I was a kid

I'm surprised Shaq isn't getting any low post plays called for him.
Rondo is extremly quiet as well. Low energy all around for the Celtics this quarter.

We taking advantage of a team that thinks they have it in the bag from the start. Some thing we did well when we were a decent team.

Celtics really taking the Rox lightly rt now....maybe they dont know it's the 4th quarter yet. Shhh..

Thank god no Garnett and Perkins...their frontcourt is as weaksauce as ours right now.

Say what? Davis,daniels,oneal,shaq

Davis = scola with less offense
Daniels = who..?
Oneal and oneal = old and probably only slightly better versions of Miller/Hill

Daniels is actually the main reason the Celtics are only down 8..

Yeah daniels is not a big man though...I said in PF/C...their rebounding and paint protection probably sucks as much as ours right now..which is why we have a fighting chance.

Good move by Celtics to keep Marquis Daniels and letting Tony Allen go, even when Daniels was injured most of last season. Looks like the trust is paying off.

Our tempo has been fantastic this whole game. The Celtics have uncharacteristically let us dictate the pace of the game.

Please play the drive to the basket if you're guarding rondo. Or just foul him. Guy cant shoot to save his life.

Holy Crap reverse call!!! Whew. Caught a break.

How do other teams get wide open 3's in close games and we can't?

The Celtics just don't give up.

Rondo is pretty smart; any other player would have fouled in that situation.

We are always more undermanned that usual playing them
And yet we still beat them…I like it

There are still 18 seconds left.

That's 17.9 seconds longer than we need to screw things up

They thought they could beat us w/o KG tonite...he could've played but u
Know they took us lightly.

Ray Allen's had butterfingers all night

I feel bad for Ray Ray.
He’s been given bad passes all night.

We did get some good calls from the refs in the fourth
shouldn’t forget about that…. Tend to forget about calls that go in our favour