Doc Rivers fined for loitering

Oh I'll give you a "Y," you cocksuckers
   On the morning before the biggest game of the season thus far, Stu Jackson, who is a pretty credible source, considering he's the NBA's VP, has announced that Doc Rivers, "has been fined $15,000 for failing to leave the court in a timely manner following an ejection."  You can view the ejection after the break, but I couldn't find a video of him hanging around, though I'm sure it's because the video would be longer than The Return of the King: Extended Edition.  The stoppage in play would have to have been quite egregious, considering the wait after the KG sacktap brawl, during which scientists declared the period of time its own geological eon: The Javien Era.  Please join me after the break for a good suggestion from Donny Marshall that could help limit the abuse of power from cranky refs that are pissed off cause they are up late and going to miss bingo tomorrow morning at the senior center.

   During the post-game discussion, Donny Marshall, one of the commentators made a very good suggestion to the NBA.  There should be, like in the NFL, a mandatory explanation of technical fouls called.  In this case Steve Javie would have no choice but to make reasonable calls (PERISH THE THOUGHT!) or get on the horn and say, "Well I gave a technical to KG cause of the sacktap, then another one to him cause he's really mean to me, then I gave some more out indiscriminately because Doc Rivers totally hurt my feelings earlier and I wanted to get him back. You guys all paid to see me power-ref, right?"  If I could see the future, I would post a countdown until the death of David Stern.